Pure wool yarn:

Pure wool yarn:

Product description:

Name: pure wool yarn:
Ingredients: pure 100% new hair, hair or other imported wool production
Specification: 1.0-25NM, conventional products such as 2.6NM/1 and so on.
Uses and characteristics: parkson standards from New Zealand, United Kingdom and other high-grade wool to use imported raw materials, the output of yarn more fluffy, fat, less yarn connector, color uniformity, icing on the cake. Products can be comparable with the EU wool carpet yarns, highlighting the European style, exudes life.
Products are widely used in hand-made carpets, wool carpets, tapestries, paintings, products are easy to paint, beautiful, elegant, as villas, conference rooms, hotels, KTV, decoration.
Product quality: the products strictly in accordance with national standards for textile wool QB/T2518-2001 rug yarn supply.

Pure wool

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