Wool blended yarn

Wool blended yarn

Product description:

Name : Wool yarn
Raw materials: new wool, wool Britain, the country wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, etc.
Specifications : 1-25NM routine such as : 3322, 442 matching 3.0NM / 2, 4.2NM / 2 and so on .
Uses and characteristics : the high standards imported from New Zealand, Britain and the United States and other places of high-grade wool first Noni Long product is especially suitable for Axminster carpets, Wilton carpets, widely used in high-end hotels, office buildings, cruise ships and so on. part of the semi-worsted yarn suitable for knitting, weaving and so on.
Product quality : in strict accordance with the national textile products wool yarn QB / T2518-2001 standard carpet yarn supply .

Nylon wool yarn - Yellow

Wool nylon blend A Keming

Wool polyester blended

Polyester Wool blended - semi-worsted