Supply of quality electric wrist, fever wrist, wrist health

Supply of quality electric wrist, fever wrist, wrist health

Product description:

Whether self-heating: No Category: Health wrist Brand: Lianmaida
Material: Neoprene Printed LOGO: can Whether to provide custom processing: Yes

1, electric kneepad care units using super-elastic material is refined, can be bent or squeezed, will not damage the heating function. Promote blood circulation, enhance disease resistance, can relieve knee pain and discomfort, both heating and There are health benefits to your knee unlimited warmth and care Wahoo.

2, the use of carbon fiber body heat. With far infrared function has health care function, can keep the skin dry surface to prevent moisture, inhibit bacteria.
3, the use of low-voltage power supply, absolutely safe and reliable, high thermal efficiency, heating up fast, reaching human comfort temperature: Between 36 ℃ -45 ℃.
4, according to customer requirements of the production design style.
5, suitable for outdoor work and sports
6. The lithium battery rated voltage: 3.7V
7. The product comes with two 2200mA lithium battery and a charger.

Lithium battery can be tied in the legs, flexible, lightweight, does not affect the activities. Band can toggle switch

Electric health wrist can promote blood circulation. Enhance disease resistance. Can relieve wrist pain and discomfort, give you unlimited warmth and care ho