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Security of supply of electric Maga, welcome to order

Security of supply of electric Maga, welcome to order
  • Security of supply of electric Maga, welcome to order
Product code: 22543900001
Unit price: 210-220 CNY
Reference price: 30.53-31.98 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Standard voltage: 7.4 (V) model: LMS
Brand: Lianmaida certified product: CE
Custom processing: It is Rated Capacity: 2300 (mah)

Electric warm clothing using far infrared carbon fiber heating, use of electricity, carbon-based material is a semiconductor body heat, electrical energy is converted to heat beyond the infrared-based carbon fiber material for the hotline, high strength, resistance to folding, rapid heating and other features When heat no fire, avoiding the use of the presence of fracture, electric shock, and easy ignition and other accidents, it will not cause harm to the human body. When energized, the carbon fiber heating element 99.9% of the electrical energy is converted into far infrared heat radiation wavelength 5 - 20 microns is most beneficial to the human body, without the presence of electromagnetic radiation not feeling hot during use, safe, durable, energy, heating, health care and other multiple effects on the human body has an excellent health effects of heating. new environmentally friendly electric warm clothing category

Intelligent five-speed temperature regulation 40-60 degrees, heat distribution in the chest and back sides, can relieve back, shoulder discomfort arising due to the cold, while promoting blood circulation

* Can be dry cleaning, washing
* Men and women use either
* A variety of styles
* Far infrared therapy

* Lithium battery capacity: 2200MA / H 7.4V
* Fast Charging time: 4-5 hours.
* Long duration: 9 hours maximum sustainable
* Absolutely harmless to human safety voltage, no worries