Robinson | 3 Section | 4 Carbon Relaxation | Hunter | Carbon Fiber Walking Stick | Crutches | Outdoor Lightweight Alpenstock

Robinson | 3 Section | 4 Carbon Relaxation | Hunter | Carbon Fiber Walking Stick | Crutches | Outdoor Lightweight Alpenstock

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Robinson
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Wrist strap: Yes
  • Item No: 140897
  • Number of climbing sticks: 3 knots
  • Style: straight grip
  • Handle Material: foam
  • Material of pole: carbon alloy
  • Stick tip Material: carbon tungsten steel
  • Whether to bring shock absorbers: No
  • Time to market: other
  • Weight: 230g
  • Length: 61-125CM
  • made in China
  • Tag price: 358
  • Color classification: 3 section wind flower II new section 3 Caohai II new section 3 light II new section 3 section swaying II new section 3 light lock hunter - coral purple 3 section wind flower 3 swaying lock hunter new - fluorescent yellow lock hunter new - Bright Black Outer Lock Hunter New - Bright Orange 3 Grass Cao 2 Red Gold Blue (no gifts) 2 Throttling Gold Black (no gifts)
  • Sports and outdoor projects: hiking

  1. If you use any of Robinson Crusher's products for outdoor use, Robinson will replace the parts for free.
  2. Robinson National Customer Service Hotline 400-708-5283, you can directly and manufacturers of after-sales telephone contact.
  3. If and after-sales communication with the manufacturers, there are any questions, please feel free to contact us.

friendly reminder:

  1. It is recommended to purchase in pairs; because if only with a single pole, in the side of the reaction force, while the side of the case, the body's balance is reduced.

how to choose:

The total length of the fixed case, the more the number of sections, the shorter the shortening after the more convenient to carry;
The higher the carbon content, the greater the strength, the better the toughness;
Lock is a fixed connection of the two sections, the lock is locked in the section inside the lock is outside the lock in the section outside the lock, the lock is not good or bad, see the use of habits;

The following figure illustrates the new T3E:


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  2. 15 days no reason to return (individual goods, with the exception of the specified).
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  4. Shipping within 24 hours after payment. 17:00 the day before the order, issued the same day.
  5. Shipping warehouse: General warehouse is shipped in Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai customers may be shipped from Jiangsu sub-warehouse.
  6. Default courier: the pass, tact, Shun Feng (generally need to make up the freight difference.) We will choose the right courier according to the situation.
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