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Mountain wand trekking | walking light walking cane walking stick | climbing cane stick | straight handle retractable cane aluminum alloy

Mountain wand trekking | walking light walking cane walking stick | climbing cane stick | straight handle retractable cane aluminum alloy
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: BSWolf / Beishan wolf
  • Brand: BSWolf / Beishan wolf
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Wrist strap: Yes
  • Item: BSW-DL003
  • Number of climbing sticks: 3 knots
  • Style: straight grip
  • Handle material: soft wood
  • Material of pole: Aluminum alloy
  • Stick tip Material: carbon tungsten steel
  • Whether with shock absorbers: Yes
  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Weight: 250g
  • Length: 60 - 120cm
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 89
  • Color Category: Black, Black, Green, Black, Black, Red
  • Sports and outdoor projects: hiking

Brand: BSWolf (North Mountain Wolf)

Name: mountains - bright cane

Model: BSW-DL003

Material: 7075 aluminum rod + cork handle + colorful EVA handle

Stick tip: tungsten steel

Length: 60 - 120CM

Color: black fight red, black fight green, blue fight green (if no special requirements we will randomly send)

Weight: 250g + 50g (weight of the shoe type)

The trekking pole is an aid to climbing, and the alpenstock can provide a number of benefits, such as increased walking stability and reduced leg load, according to the study, which can be reduced by walking on a mountaineering stick At least 22% of the legs and knees and other joints to the strength of the muscles, so that the legs feel more comfortable! While the use of two alpenstocks can provide a better balance. Do not forget not find the trunk, it can do Use a tarpaulin to build the canopy pole.

The dampers are designed to reduce shocks on the wrist, arms and shoulders by using shock absorbers, which are commonly used. When used, the shock absorber can be opened or closed at will. Closed, turned down when down.When the rod is tightened with a normal shock when the middle of this time as long as the screw back 10 degrees, feel the card is heard, shock absorption function is turned off)

One end of the spring is fixed at the bottom of the conical piece and the other end is fixed on the mountaineering pole.When the impact force of the mountaineering battle is more than a certain range, the supporting piece presses the conical part and compresses along the spring axis, Effectively reducing the impact of the mountain battles suffered.

Connect the stalk for each section of the steel design, safe and reliable

Maintenance of climbing stick

When not in use for some time, it is best to separate the alpenstock to store, open upright, so that the water slowly out of the flow.If the screw is not open, you can gently beat the locked parts, or climbing rods get Wet, reduce some friction, you can successfully unscrew the pole.
Rotary locking alpenstock often a problem is that the grommet within the grommet will rotate with the pole can not be locked, the reasons for such failures are mostly grommets dirty, as long as the pole apart, and then completely grommets Clean and then loaded back to solve the problem.

BSWolf (mountain wolf) 'mountain' alpenstock through the German TUV and GS certification can be assured use