Supply of electric car cushion, seat heater, heating seat cushion, car heating Seat Cover

Supply of electric car cushion, seat heater, heating seat cushion, car heating Seat Cover

Product description:

Color: black, a variety of colors Material: Plush Custom processing:
Style: many styles Printed LOGO: can Origin: Shenzhen
Type: Four Seasons General Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, business gifts, holiday, housewarming, birthday, wedding, awards Memorial, fairs, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony, employee benefits, public relations planning, other Specifications: Variety
Brand: OEM

Electric warm cushion use of power. In the semiconductor material is carbon-based heat generating element, converting electrical energy into thermal energy mainly beyond the infrared, far infrared heat generated by the far-infrared 5μm ~ 15μm low radiation line, capable of human skin and tissue resonance, can penetrate deep into the skin and subcutaneous tissue, resulting in thermal effects, improve blood circulation, blood vessel dilation hair, excluding microcirculation, long-term use, can play blood, meridians, promote metabolism, make the skin delicate, aging no feeling hot during use, safe, durable, energy, heating, health care and other multiple effects, jackets selection of high-grade super-soft fabrics, soft and comfortable.

Use low-voltage power supply, absolutely safe and reliable high thermal efficiency, heating up fast, reaching human comfort temperature

1, this product has a thermostat heating function, so you Shujinhuoxue for cold winter warmth

2, seat heater heating uniformity, stable performance, can quickly reach the preset temperature. More particularly, install a heating pad overheating protection, automatic power off when the temperature is too high, down to a certain temperature automatically when power is restored.
3, after using a heating pad can reduce air conditioning is turned on, not only fuel efficient but also relieve hot air conditioning, so you Shujinhuoxue relieve driving fatigue.
4, this product can be directly plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car, with thermostatic protection.
5, Universal size, suitable for different models use. Thick, flat cushion, comfortable and durable.

6, the carbon fiber heating material, there are far infrared function, physiotherapy