I plant to provide OEM electric warm pet pads, electric pet Waterloo, heating pad, a heating pad, cushion

I plant to provide OEM electric warm pet pads, electric pet Waterloo, heating pad, a heating pad, cushion

Product description:

Switch Type: 1 Color: Variety Material: PVC
Origin: Shenzhen Rated power: 18W Suitable for: dog
Specifications: multi-style Product categories: heating pad Brand: OEM

This product is a hot and infrared health products, suitable for winter warmth. Material soft, hot and comfortable, no side effects. Body parts that you can continue to provide infrared pulse energy, the body heat to keep warm and comfortable for a long time, and enhance the ability to resist cold

Material: PVC waterproof heating pad

Size: 30 * 40CM
Voltage: DC12V

Power: 18W

Temperature: 40-45

Welcome to customize a variety of heating pads, electric warm pet pad

Heating pet nest automatic temperature control, surface temperature in the room about 42 ℃, offers pet-temperature thermal energy, to ensure kittens and small dogs and other pets spend the cold season in a warm comfortable environment, especially in the postoperative animal, old age, arthritis or other pets pups have very good health physical therapy

Waterproof body heat leak of urine, 12V low voltage power supply, bulk pad evenly, safe and secure

The heating element and nest isolated, free disassembly for easy cleaning

Power cord sets have flexible tube anti-bite, or pull Antirodents

Input: AC100V-240V50 / 60Hz

Output: DC12V

Power: 18W

Temperature: 40 ℃ ± 5 ℃

Product size: 50 * 50 * 15cm

Heating area: 30 * 30 cm

All materials comply with RoHS test report can be customized according to the needs of different customers

1, this product has a thermostat heating function, so you Shujinhuoxue for cold winter warmth

2, seat heater heating uniformity, stable performance, can quickly reach the preset temperature.
3, has a hidden zipper jacket, heating element-box installation. When the jacket needs washing, the heating element out of the box.
4, the product easy to use, the right temperature
5, thick, flat cushion, comfortable and durable.

6, the carbon fiber heating material, there are far infrared function, physiotherapy