Supply outlet USB blanket, USB blanket, USB shawls | blankets, USB warm blanket, USB Shoulders

Supply outlet USB blanket, USB blanket, USB shawls | blankets, USB warm blanket, USB Shoulders

Product description:

Category: Far infrared heating blanket Brand: Lianmaida Origin: Shenzhen

USB warm blanket by a computer's USB port or power adapter low-voltage power supply, safe and without any risk of carbon fiber material for the hotline. Has high strength, resistance collapsed. Rapid warming and other characteristics. No open flame heating, avoiding the presence of use fracture, electrocution, easy ignition and other accidents, will not cause harm to the human body. When energized, the carbon fiber heating element 99.9% of the electrical energy is converted into far infrared heat radiation with a wavelength of 5-20 microns is most beneficial to the human body without the presence of electromagnetic radiation. No sense of traditional metal wire fever brought hot during use, safe, durable, energy-saving. heating, health care and other multiple effects. is the latest generation heating materials. crowd for long-term work in cold weather for shawls, knee, shin, foot care and other warm care

Welcome to build a variety of electric blankets. According to customer requirements style design and production, annual exports, and cheap

1, USB heating warm blanket can be bent or squeezed, will not damage the heating function. Promote blood circulation, enhance disease resistance, both heating have health benefits. Suitable for cold weather shawls, knee, shin, foot care, etc. warm, giving you unlimited warmth and care Wahoo.

2, the use of carbon fiber body heat. With far infrared function has health care function, can keep the skin dry surface to prevent moisture, inhibit bacteria.
3, the use of low-voltage power supply, absolutely safe and reliable, high thermal efficiency, heating up fast, reaching human comfort temperature: Between 36 ℃ -45 ℃.
4, Material: super soft shearing cloth, far infrared carbon fiber size: 600 * 450MM
5. Voltage: USB Interface 5V