DIVE & SAIL anti-skid diving socks for boys and girls | thick warm children's plan against jellyfish snorkeling equipment

DIVE & SAIL anti-skid diving socks for boys and girls | thick warm children's plan against jellyfish snorkeling equipment

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: DIVE & SAIL
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Item No .: DS-011
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 88
  • Color Classification: pink diving socks blue diving stockings socks to see the description of the amount of foot length captured (do not shoot this)
  • Size: S M L XL
  • Sports Outdoor: Diving
  • Time to market: 2013 summer

Tourism, recreation, vacation, diving, swimming
Colorful hot summer, one of the vitality of the celebration, the joy party on the beach, it is youth cheers Imagine the blue sky and white clouds, the vast ocean, natural light blue and white, grasp the tone of the beach color
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Photographed Please note: This paragraph price for the price of a single piece, if you want to set separately photographed

'Trade name': non-slip thickening child Diving Socks
'Commodity origin': China
'Product color': sky blue, pink
'Details': with Velcro
Ingredients: wet thickening diving suits material
Thickness: 3mm NEOPRENE elastic material

Glove Size:
S for 4-6 years old

M for 6-9 years old

L number for 9-12 years old

XL number for 12-14 years old

Diving socks Size:

S number for 14-16CM 18-22 yards

M number for 16-18CM 22-26 yards

L number for 18-20CM 26-30 yards

This section of a sock is more common than the advantages of diving socks, it is the bottom of the RBI increase friction to enhance anti-skid function, and socks installed velcro automatic buckle, can better tighten lock water, more warm and comfortable
(Note: diving hands and feet need to protect the temperature in the warm waters have to protect the hands and feet to prevent sharp coral cut. General weaving gloves in the weaving.) 1: for diving personnel wearing, stab, cut, Line between the gap, can not prevent the penetration of thorn cells, so not more complete protection)
2: suitable for wearing webbed staff wearing. Buyers want to buy adjustable flippers do not want to buy diving shoes, diving socks can now be worn directly
3: winter swimming personnel wearing, cold, no longer barefoot walking on the ice or barefoot in the water swimming.
4: at home, winter home Internet, feet extremely cold, put it, immediately warm up, walking and very comfortable cotton slippers can not Oh!

Features: Velcro is very easy to use

Uses: used for tourism, diving warmth and anti-hand by coral cut effect, the palm of the hand made of non-slip material.

Our diving special gloves, but professional diving materials, is 3MM thick non-slip wear-resistant type.

This has a very tough and durable features, easy to wear the palm and finger parts to thicken and slip material tailoring for underwater operations to protect the hand from being scratched and has a strong warmth.