DIVE & SAIL boys and girls slip diving socks | Thick warm waterproof female children scratch snorkeling equipment

DIVE & SAIL boys and girls slip diving socks | Thick warm waterproof female children scratch snorkeling equipment

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: DIVE & SAIL
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Product Number: DS-011
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 88
  • Color classification: new pink socks diving (without gloves) new blue diving socks (without gloves) describe socks look at the amount of foot length photographed (Do not shoot this)
  • Size: S M L XL
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Diving
  • Time to market: 2013 summer

Tourism and leisure and entertainment resort swimming diving
Colorful hot summer day, a celebration of one's vitality, joy party on the beach, that's youthful imagination to cheer the blue sky, the vast ocean, natural light blue and white, grasp the color tone of the entire beach
Main color candy like fresh pastel color, love, dots, stripes, combining dynamic fashion cartoon popular multi-layer laminated skirt, girls lively and dynamic performance
Make you invincible youthful spread from the bustling metropolis to a bright warm summer beach

Please take note: this paragraph price for single price, please take a separate package as you want

[Name]: non-slip thickening child Diving socks
【Origin】: China
[Product Color: sky blue, pink
[Details]: with Velcro
Ingredients: Wet thicker wetsuit material
Thickness: 3mm NEOPRENE elastic material

Glove Size:
S numbers for 4-6 years

M, for 6-9 years

No. L for 9-12 years

XL number for 12-14 years

Diving socks Size:

S code number for 14-16CM 18-22

M code number for 16-18CM 22-26

No. L for 18-20CM 26-30 yards

This is an advantage compared with ordinary socks diving socks is that it is the bottom of the RBI to increase friction to strengthen anti-skid function, socks and Velcro mounted automatic deduction, better beam furrowed water, more warm and comfortable
1: Suitable for divers wearing, stab, cut, scratch, cold injury (Note: the need to protect the hands and feet when diving at a temperature of hands and feet warm waters also have to protect the unit against sharp coral cuts generally woven knit gloves. sparse gap between the lines, it can not prevent the stinging cells through, so can not be more complete protection)
2: personnel wearing suitable to wear flippers buyers want to buy adjustable diving flippers do not want to buy the shoes, now wear diving socks directly on it.
3: personnel wearing winter swimming, cold, no longer walk barefoot or barefoot on the ice in the water swimming.
4: at home, wearing a winter home at night Internet access, cold feet very odd, to put it immediately warm up, walk and very comfortable cotton slippers can not Oh!

Features: Very easy to use with Velcro

Uses: warm hand for tourism and anti-dive effect is coral cuts, palms made of non-slip material.

We dive special gloves used in professional diving material but is 3MM thick slip resistant type.

This has a very tough and long-term durability features, easy to wear with thicker parts of the palm and fingers slip and tailoring material suitable for underwater production, protect hands from being scratched and has a strong warm.