Supplies USB heating blanket, wool blanket, heating blanket

Supplies USB heating blanket, wool blanket, heating blanket

Product description:

Rated voltage: 5 (v) Overheating protection: Color: variety
Control number: 1 (a) Thermostat stalls: switch single Temperature range:-35-45 (OC)
Type: single Rating: 4 (w) For gift-giving occasions: advertising, business gifts, holidays, housewarming, birthday, wedding, awards, and trade shows, anniversary, Grand opening, employee benefits, public relations planning
Brand name: OEM Layer materials: carbon fiber heating element Heating appliance type: electric blanket ()

1, USB fever warm blankets can be arbitrarily bent or squeezed, does not damage the heating function. Promote the blood circulation, enhance disease resistance, not only heating but also has health benefits. Suitable for cold weather scarf, knee pads, Shin guards, foot, warm, giving you unlimited warm and Oh nurse.

2, the use of carbon fiber for the body. With far-infrared function. Health function, you can keep your skin dry, protect from moisture, inhibit bacteria.
3, the use of low voltage power supply, absolutely safe and reliable. High thermal efficiency, heating up fast, reach the comfort temperature: 36 ℃-4 between 5 degrees c.
4, material: super soft velboa, environmentally-friendly heating cotton, far-infrared carbon fiber sizes: 8 00*450MM
5. Working voltage: USB interface 5V

Style design and production according to customer requirements, annual exports of Japan and South Korea, quality assurance

USB thermal insulation blankets use carbon fiber heating element, no burning sensation, far-infrared rays, health function, far infrared heating element 5 µ m-15 µ m generated by far infrared radiation. (This wavelength far infrared Ray is required for humans and all living things) on people's skin and tissue more easily resonate, able to penetrate deep into the skin and subcutaneous tissue, resulting in a warm effect, improves blood circulation, expand blood vessels, excluding microcirculation, long-term use, play, activating blood circulation and collaterals, promote metabolism, make skin delicate, slow down aging. To keep the surface dry skin, protect from moisture, inhibit bacteria. Suitable for cold weather scarf, knee pads, Shin guards, foot warm health