Japan and South Korea export high-quality supply 5V USB blankets, warm security blanket will heat

Japan and South Korea export high-quality supply 5V USB blankets, warm security blanket will heat

Product description:

Rated voltage: 5 (V) Overheating protection function: Color: Various colors
Carpet surface size: 800 * 450mm Control switch number: 1 (a) Thermostat stalls: switch single file
Warm-up time: 3 (min) Temperature range: 36-45 (℃) Origin: Shenzhen
Quilt fabric: super soft velvet Type: Single Rated power: 4 (W)
Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, business gifts, holiday, housewarming, birthday, wedding, awards Memorial, fairs, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony, employee benefits, public relations planning Brand: Lianmaida Warm layer material: carbon fiber far-infrared heat
Heating appliances Category: blanket ()

* USB blanket use of carbon fiber heating element, no burning, produce far-infrared rays, a health function, far infrared heating member 5μm-15μm produced by the far-infrared radiation. (This far infrared wavelengths are humans and all living creatures are Required) easier on people's skin and tissue resonance, can penetrate deep into the skin and subcutaneous tissue, resulting in thermal effects, improve blood circulation, blood vessel dilation hair, excluding microcirculation, long-term use, can play blood, meridians, promote metabolism, so that delicate skin aging. can keep the skin dry surface to prevent moisture, inhibit bacteria

* USB blanket made of carbon fiber material for the hotline, high strength, resistance to folding, rapid heating and other features, will not damage the heating function. No sense of traditional metal wire fever brought hot during use, no open flame heating, avoid When you use the presence of the fracture, electric shock, and easy ignition and other accidents, it will not cause harm to humans ..

* USB blankets from the computer's USB port low-voltage power supply (or power adapter), high thermal efficiency, heating speed, power that fever, rapid heating to achieve human comfort 36 ℃ -42 ℃ and kept constant, it does not produce high temperature phenomenon with safe, durable, energy, heating, health care and other multiple effects, without any risk

* USB blanket style design elegant, soft close weave material, feel comfortable, cold weather for the warm shoulder, warm back, warm belly, warm knee, leg warmers, etc., giving you unlimited warmth and care ho, comfortable and enjoy life every day .