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Cobos Dobo Duo Scattered Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smart Home Ultra-thin Automatic Washing Machine

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: ECOVACS / Coros DT Series
  • Brand: ECOVACS / Kovos
  • Cobos Model: DT Series
  • Dust capacity: 0.5L
  • Whether to automatically charge: yes
  • Maximum height: 7.9cm
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh
  • Collision protection: mechanical + electronic double protection
  • Item: to treasure DT series
  • Applicable area: 150m ^ 2 and above
  • Applicable area: 1-200 square meters
  • Additional features: dust recognition
  • Color classification: Jin Yao black standard version
  • Appearance: sweeping robots
  • Function: Drag and drop
  • Sweep route: random
  • Whether with remote control: Yes
  • Whether there is a regular appointment function: Yes
  • LCD display: none
  • Whether the virtual wall: no

We all yearn for better,
Better cleaning system - Blue Whale Cleaning System
More comfortable use experience - mobile phone APP remote control
When these excellent features set in one,
Can provide you with cleaner cleaning effect,
More humane use experience, more comfortable living environment,
Because of this, the achievements of the new burst of robots warm men blossoming.

  • Innovative Mop system Wet drag and dry
  • Multi-function dust roller brush Three kinds of material to deal with different ground
  • APP remote control Into more features
  • A new generation of anti-collision charging seat Effectively enhance the success rate of the back
  • New wet towing system Contains self-infiltration tank, equipped with one-piece large mop
  • A single mopping cloth No water tank, ordinary single rag
  • Three kinds of material multi-function roller brush Equipped with nylon, fiber bristles and soft strips
  • Koros single material roller brush Should deal with a single ground dust
  • Into WiFi remote control At any time to start a more personalized features
  • No WiFi remote No APP no more human features
  • All-directional signal anti-collision charging seat The chargeback signal is widened to 180 °
  • Cobos ordinary charging seat Small angle transmit signal, low recovery rate
Mobile APP is integrated into remote control via built-in WiFi program
No matter where can the phone control the home clean
Blossoming equipped with a new generation of blue whale cleaning system, in the promotion of 'sweep throw'
Cleaning efficiency at the same time, for the stain design of the new 'wet drag dry wipe' function,
Decontamination and dry water stains, cleaning and then do not have hands-on.

How to break the traditional single sweep, suction, drag function, real to enhance the cleaning effect of the king of the ocean blue whale's amazing devouring force and the whole body structure gives us great inspiration.We according to the blue whale 'wide interception, strong suction, Precision filtration 'of the biological system, the development of a new bionic' blue whale cleaning system ', it can be faster to complete the traditional sweeping machine' sweep throwing 'function can also achieve new features, such as: wet drag at the same time Wipe dry residual water stains, clean the floor cracks, or filter dust in the PM2.5, more in line with your home cleaning needs.

  • 'Sweep'
    Cleaning system
  • 'Sweep away'
    Cleaning system
  • 'Sweat suction wet drip wiping'
    Blue Whale System
Wet drag dry wipe, not only can take more ground floating ash, dirt,
But also wipe the daily coffee, milk, fruit juice and other liquids
Stains every day for home to bring clean and comfortable ground.

  • Nylon brush Nylon brush deep into the floor gap
    Japanese toothbrush bristle material flexibility and strong,
    Deeply clean the floor gap

  • Rubber brush Rubber brush beat carpet dust
    Natural rubber material
    Hard to beat the vibration of the carpet dust

  • Fiber brush The fiber brush sweeps the floor dust
    Makeup brush bristles material
    Intensive strong rise of the ground dust, particles

  • Three kinds of material multi-function roller brush
  • Koros single material roller brush
We also use 4 layers of precision filtration, to achieve the discharge of air than breathing the air cleaner
Low energy consumption Low resistance motor strong suction, the duct using Archimedes spiral design, matching the air running trajectory, a large extent to reduce the resistance,
Variable frequency suction Custom cleaning strength through the APP, digital motor intelligent frequency suction, strong mode, the suction dust; standard mode, energy-saving dust.
Lengthened bilateral brushes Lengthened bilateral brushes, close to the corner. Edge brush radius of rotation to extend to 7.5cm, cleaning area larger, more efficient cleaning.
  • Outside control blossoming
  • Smart your life
  • Easy to make an appointment
  • Design matches the cleaning scheme
According to the home environment, set the appropriate cleaning mode.
No matter where, mobile phone APP remote control
There is a net at any time to control home cleaning.
Phone APP scheduled appointment
Go home and go clean
Blossoming has a third gear suction mode
Daily 'low noise vacuum'
Strong 'sweep'
Carpet 'deep cleaning'

Product performance 3rd generation 2nd generation 1st generation
APP controls Limited blossoming no no
Dust box (ml) 500 250 100
Automatic chargeback 180 ° 60 ° 30 °
Anti-crash feeling Group 15 Group 12 Group 11

  • Double crash design
    11 groups of infrared to avoid collision
  • 8 large cleaning mode
    Automatic fixed-point fine sweep along the edge and so on
  • Anti-wrap induction
    Can be self-reliance
  • One can save about 150 minutes
    Clean about 200 square meters large size
Can enter the lower bed, the bottom of the cabinet to capture more bed dust
Has a double dust box, so that the ash loss frequency reduced to once a week
  • Cobos ordinary sweeping machine
In order to facilitate the use of the elderly at home, we specifically match the remote control,
Into a key to start, pause, automatic recharge, regular appointment and other functions,
Let my parents like the TV remote control as simple and convenient.

How to ensure the performance of the sweeping machine when wet towing?
We chose 30 kinds of materials, carried out hundreds of attempts,
The final selection of car tires shading and rubber material, to enhance
Friction and water resistance.

Really shopping worry

To ensure the same quality as the same performance