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Warrior production | thickened carbon steel horse bar | folding stool | outdoor leisure sketch stool fishing stool chair

Warrior production | thickened carbon steel horse bar | folding stool | outdoor leisure sketch stool fishing stool chair
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: warrior
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Item: MS-M1
  • made in China
  • Tag price: 65
  • Color classification: normal models to start high 26CM increase section height: 32CM
  • Sports outdoor items: picnic barbecue
  • Material: iron
  • Applicable Venue: Other
  • City service: city buyers home delivery
  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Whether it can be folded: yes

Horse bag package

Introduction: Maza package package
  • Warrior produced thickened carbon steel Mazarra folding stool outdoor leisure sketch horse fishing stool chair
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This product has been selling since the listing of online line has been selling more than 10,000 pieces of pre-mold costs have been recycled, and now special sales, feedback users. Since today, most of the country can be issued by Shen Tong 包邮 (if other express freight ), A small number of remote areas only need to add a small amount of freight, if you need a large quantity of goods can be shipped in accordance with the wholesale price. Welcome to the unit unit procurement. Spend a few dollars, buy a good buy a worry, buy a comfortable Buy a safe, choose the right hand you choose!

Please buy a friend received identification, buy back and bargain comparison, not satisfied with the restaurant Baotui.

The warrior produced the new MS-M1 Mazars. Slough is committed to providing the best use of practical tools for the majority of users.Spickers pay attention to learn from the user's suggestions and feedback, through a variety of efforts to meet the needs of customers, to create this pursuit of quality folding Diego Mazda.

Important notice: body fat Amoy Friends of the benefits to it! Amoy friends reflect the body fat belly big, sitting normal squeeze the stomach is not comfortable, and now the new products to increase the number one warrior MS-M1 Maza listed! Expand the height of 32CM is very suitable for body fat Amoy ride, the normal section of the height of 26CM for most of the less fat Amoy Friends of the two high degree of your choice, the warriors will meet the needs of customers.

Maza: Such as a small seat, legs crossed, the top stretched canvas or hemp rope, etc., can be closed, easy to carry. 'Mazawa' common name stool, tie bar, 2600 years ago originated in the ancient Chinese capital of the ancient Chinese character. Low, the manufacturing process is simple. From ancient times to live it is everywhere. Until the modern is still queuing, station tickets, painting, playing cards, fishing, meetings, self-defense (2 pounds more weight just easy to force, can replace the tiles to deal with sudden crisis Haha) of the weapon.

Warriors Maha has the same kind of product unparalleled advantages:

1. Strengthen the skeleton: the warrior Mazar with 1.8MM carbon steel skeleton. Not thick and high strength, with a high load-bearing capacity. We first test load even 636 kg Maza loss. Please have time to see the above test video, Really clank steel!

There is a picture of the truth of the warrior pony capacity is not covered

2. Pure cotton webbing: the use of eight cotton ribbon, soft texture and good permeability of good weathering resistance. (General Mazar are used in the polyester ribbon is the sun after the first change will become brittle and easy to break)

3. Fixed design: the warrior Mazza clever use of steel wear belt way, the two ends of the steel wire with a lock design, the wire will never fall off. Ribbon two suture, to ensure that the horse will not fall off the ribbon, even if the weight of several hundred pounds of weight, Because the horse to do the nest and embarrassment.

4. Exquisite welders: Mazar main body using carbon dioxide welding welding welding solid strong never open welding

5. Lacquer process: Mazar painting with electrostatic spraying process after pickling spray paint strong anti-rust performance super bar

Warrior products must be fine

The product is okay we have a friend who can get a look at whether to see whether the 8 cotton belt with two weighs the feeling of a strong sense of Maosha material 3 experience to try to do comfortable uncomfortable five tests

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the goods can be returned shipping

This product warranty Description: seven days of the package back to the warranty period of one year during the warranty period of the normal use of the main deformation of the Mazar fracture fracture can be linked to the shop can be linked to the freight for you to repair the replacement

Note: Because the ribbon is cotton sewing thread This is a normal phenomenon you can use your own scissors or baked with a lighter can not affect the use of this. By courier restrictions during the shipment of goods can not touch the goods and other transport defects Is a normal phenomenon Carefully buy!

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About Mazar

Maza also said Sorcerer , Cross Intertwined The top spot , Its appearance with us today to see the small stool Similar, '杌' is the stool, and now still a small stool called 'son' or 'small child' and our Mazar from the north Nomadic people Of the 'flower bed', the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty, found in the literature, but no image of the material. Hu bed by the eight sticks, sitting by the brown rope connection, later known as Mazawa. The picture is the first to see the image of Mazar.

The so-called bed, "release name" cloud: 'bed, installed also, so since loading also.' "Guang Ya" cloud: 'habitat So that the bed. "Loaded, loaded also, habitat also, all people sitting and lying.Therefore, the ancient kneeling for the thing, as Japan's fountain, said bed bed bed bed, Bed, the contents of the special, to divide the times, cover this also. (Reference Huang Xianfan the "interpretation of ancient books")

At the beginning of the Han Dynasty, the northern nomadic 'Wu bed' incoming, where the 'bed' is the meaning of the seat, the seat of the people, And the bed of bed is a different concept of the Song Dynasty Gao Cheng in the "business Ji" in the cited "customs" as saying: 'Han Ling emperor good Hu Fu, Jing Shi for the bed, this cover its beginning, It is also. '
It is one of the instruments that are often referred to by his beloved, and therefore the place should be a sign of the friendship and intercourse of our ancient people, and the development of the family has appeared in the Song and Yuan Dynasties. For the straight back and circle back two categories, because the top spot can be folded, easy to carry, so in ancient times often for outdoor picnic, hunting, march combat use. After gradually evolved into hall furniture, and is the scene of the seat, Of the heroes of the heroes of the seniority to sit on the top few of the top spot, that is derived from this.
Mazar's three major advantages: easy to carry, because it has a foldable characteristics, so easy to carry, as the current walking of the elderly, ALICE, riders have many like to bring their own Mazawa, for the rest. Do not want the bench chair and other seats to occupy a larger space, once the space can be placed a little space, save space, breathable Qi Jia, especially in summer, hot weather, the body is easy to sweat, like a bench like sitting for a long time The hips are extremely discomfort, and Mazar because it is a fiber material to do with the mask and clothing so it will be very comfortable.