Warriors Publisher | thick steel Mazar | folding chair | outdoor leisure chair fishing stool sketching the bench

Warriors Publisher | thick steel Mazar | folding chair | outdoor leisure chair fishing stool sketching the bench

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: warriors
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Product Number: MS-M1
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 65
  • Color Classification: normal increase subsection shall Expand Expand high 26CM height: 32CM
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Picnic barbecue
  • Material: Iron
  • Applicable site: Other
  • City services: city buyers pick-up
  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Whether folding: Yes


Summary: Mazar-inclusive package
  • Warriors produced thick steel portable folding stool Mazar outdoor leisure chair fishing stool sketching horses
    List: ¥55
    With a price: ¥28.50
  • List: ¥29
    With a price: ¥26.50
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Package price: ¥55.00

Since the product from the market has been going online and offline selling million and above. Early die cost of inputs have been recovered, and now special sales, user feedback. Since most of the country today can be sent STO shipping (if you specify other courier freight another operator needs ), only a small number of remote areas, plus a small amount of freight, if need large quantity can be used according to the wholesale price of shipping. Welcome corporate purchasing military units. spend a few dollars, buy a good buy peace of mind, buy a comfortable buy a security, the election warriors you choose for it!

Please buy the friend received identification, and a bargain to buy back contrast, are not satisfied with the shop or return.

The new MS-M1 produced warriors Mazar. Warriors committed to providing customers with the best practical tools. Warriors draw attention to user suggestions and feedback information through a variety of efforts to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, create this pursuit of quality discount Diego Mazar.

Important notice:! Body fat benefits Friends of the Amoy friends to have been Amoy friends reflect body fat because a big belly, sitting in the normal section crammed belly uncomfortable, and now the new shop XL warriors MS-M1 Mazar Listing! Extra Mazar Expanded height is ideal for body fat 32CM Amoy Friends of the ride, the normal height of 26CM models expand not too fat for most of Amoy friends, two heights of your choice, warriors will best meet customer needs.

Mazar: A small Desks. Cross-legged, on top of stretched canvas or hemp, etc., can be folded, easy to carry. 'Mazar' common name stays the bench, bar stool, originated 2600 years ago, ancient Chinese tradition of Qi Seats simple utility prices inexpensive, simple manufacturing process. Since ancient times in life it everywhere. Until modern times are still queued, the arrangement, painting, playing cards, fishing, conferences, self-defense uprising (2 pounds of weight just send multiple convenient power, can completely replace the tile to deal with unexpected crises ha) of the weapon.

Meng Shi Mazha has the similar products unparalleled advantages:

1. Strengthening the skeleton: Meng Shi Mazha using 1.8MM thick steel skeleton and not only high strength, high load-bearing capacity of our first test load has reached 636 pounds Mazar lossless please have time to look at the above test video, Meng Shi Mazha Yes... the real clank of metal hardware!

There are pictures and the truth warriors Mazar small load-bearing capacity is not covered

2. Cotton Ribbon: The eight cotton webbing, soft solid, good air permeability resistance to weathering (Mazar are generally used for polyester webbing is sun after the first color will be brittle easily broken).

3. Fixed design: Meng Shi Mazha clever use wire threading mode, use two steel locking design, the wire will not fall off two webbing stitched to ensure Mazar Ribbon never fall off, even if the weight of several hundred pounds of weight people, it will not. because the Mazar do lying nest and embarrassing.

4. superb welder: Mazar body carbon dioxide protection welding weld open welding firm never

5. paint process: painting Mazar electrostatic spraying pickling spray paint strong rust resistance superb

Warriors produced will be fine

The product is good we receive the final say friends can see whether the eight cotton belt weigh two to feel the fierce Shima Zha solid material 3 experience to do something to try not feeling comfortable five test

If you are not satisfied you can return the shipping quality problems shop

This product warranty Description: seven refunding warranty period of one year warranty period normal range Mazar body welding deformation fracture open fracture webbing can contact the shop responsible for shipping costs to your repair and replacement

Note: Because the ribbon cable is cotton sewing head which is a normal phenomenon that you can cut yourself with scissors or with a lighter roasted to this restriction does not affect the use of freight by courier process will inevitably bump paint chips and other product defects transport category also. It is a normal phenomenon Care who buy with caution!

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About Mazar

Mazar also known , , Or interlacing Which we see today look the same small Similar to the 'stool' is the stool, the stool will now still called 'Rongji son' or 'small Rongji child'. And our Mazar from north The 'Huchuang', Han began passing, found in the literature, but there is no image data. Huchuang composed of eight sticks composition, sitting side by a coir rope coupling, later known as Mazar. The picture shows the first to see the image of Mazar.

Huchuang, since the Han Dynasty passed for the pedal to sit, now chair of the so-called camp bed, "Release name" Cloud: "Bed, installed also, so self-loading also. '" Guang Ya "goes:" habitat, that bed 'equipment, contained also, habitat also are all people sit purposes. kneeling things for so ancient, as today's sitting futon, said bed. bed solid bed, then the bed either-bed, content circuitous special division of the era, but also the cover for this. (refer to the "interpretation of ancient books")

It turned out that our previous Chinese furniture surfaces are considered low, no Desks, people sat on the floor, only a few cases and no table. To the Han Dynasty, the northern nomads 'Huchuang' pass, where the 'bed' is Desks meaning, and sleep bed bed is different from the concept of high-Song Cheng cited in "transaction jiyuan" in "custom links" as saying: 'good Emperor Ling of Han Hu Fu, King division for Huchuang, this is also the beginning of its cover, this is a top spot and also. '
Huchuang much is his favorite and often mentioned one utensils. Chair should therefore ancient China national flag mutual friendly exchanges and converging, while the top spot after development, has appeared in the top spot with the backrest in the Song and Yuan hours, minutes a straight back and circle back two categories, due to the gradual evolution of living room furniture into the chair can be folded for easy handling, it is often in ancient field trips, hunting, march used in combat after, but also on the scene Desks, ancient books said those heroes of seniority to take the first few first few top spot, that is out from this.
Mazar's three major advantages: easy to carry, because of their characteristics can be folded, so easy to carry, like the current walking elderly, ALICE, there are many riders like Mazar comes with a time of rest for easy to place, he. do not want to bench stool chairs child Desks occupy a larger space, just a little space once folded can be placed, saving space. permeability wonders, especially in the summer, hot weather, the body sweat easily, like a bench like sitting for a long Desks hip extremely unwell, and Mazar because it is a fibrous material made masks and clothing approximation it will be very comfortable.