Mushroom | Thickened Carbon Steel Mazza | Folding Stool | Outdoor Leisure Sketch Bench Fishing Stool

Mushroom | Thickened Carbon Steel Mazza | Folding Stool | Outdoor Leisure Sketch Bench Fishing Stool

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: warriors
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Item No .: MS-M1
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 65
  • Color Classification: normal models to start high 26CM increase the amount of height: 32CM
  • Sports Outdoor: picnic barbecue
  • Material: iron
  • Application: Other
  • City services: the same city buyers pick-up
  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Foldable: Yes

Mazza package

Description: Mazar package
  • Martyrs Thicker Carbon Steel Mazda Folding Portable Stool Outdoor Leisure Sketch Horse Fishing Stool Chair
    Original Price: ¥55
    With price: ¥28.50
  • Original Price: ¥29
    With price: ¥26.50
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Package price: ¥55.00

Since the listing of the goods on-line has been selling more than 10,000. Mold costs have been pre-recovery, and now special sales, feedback users. ), A small number of remote areas only need to add a small amount of freight, if you need a large number of goods can be shipped at wholesale prices. Buy a safe, select the warriors you choose the right!

Please buy a friend received identification, buy back and bargain comparison, not satisfied with this shop Baotui.

Warriors pay attention to the user's advice and feedback, through a variety of efforts to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, to create this pursuit of the quality of the fold. Diego Mazar.

Important notice: the size of the fat Amoy Friends of the benefits to it! Amoy friends reflect the body because of fat belly, sitting normal section of the stomach is not very comfortable, and now our new products to increase the number of warriors MS-M1 Mazar listed! Unfolded height of 32CM is very suitable for body fat Amoy Friends ride, the normal section to start a height of 26CM for most of the less fat Amoy fris, two kinds of height as you choose, warriors will maximize meet customer needs.

Mazar: A small seat. Legs cross, the top canvas or hemp rope stretched, can be folded, easy to carry. 'Mazha' common name bench, Qizha, 2600 years ago originated in the ancient Chinese capital of Qi traditional seat. Low cost, simple manufacturing process from ancient to modern life it is everywhere. Until the modern is still in line, standing, painting, fishing, meetings, self-defense against violence (2 pounds weight just to force convenience, can replace tiles to deal with sudden crisis ha ha) weapon.

Warriors Mazar has the similar products unparalleled advantages:

1. Strengthen the skeleton: Warriors Mazar 1.8MM carbon steel frame. Not only thick and high strength, with high load-bearing capacity of our first test load even reached 636 kg Mazar loss.Please have time to see the above test video, The real clank steel!

There is a map of the truth.. Warriors small Mazar bearing capacity is not covered

2. Cotton Ribbon: 8 cotton ribbon, soft texture, good air permeability and good weathering. (General Mazza are used polyester ribbon is sunburned and then the first color change and then brittle is easy to break)

3. Fixed design: Mage Marzana clever use of steel wire to wear the way, the use of steel wire lock design, the wire will not fall off. Because the Mazar to do lying nest and embarrassment.

4. Excellence welder: Mazar main body of welding with carbon dioxide welding welding seam is strong and never open welding

5.Lacquering technology: Mazar spray painting by electrostatic spraying process after pickling spray paint solid rust performance super stick

Warriors produced will be fine

The product is good, we have the final say friends received a look can be a look for the 8 pieces of cotton with two weigh the experience of the warriors Mazza solid material 3 experience to do something to try comfortable uncomfortable five test

If not satisfied you can return the quality of the shop out of freight

This product warranty Description: 7 days warranty period of one year warranty period Normal use of the main deformation of Ma Za fracture broken open welding ribbon can contact our freight charge for your repair and replacement

Note: because the ribbon is cotton sewing thread head This is normal you can cut with your scissors or use a lighter to grill this will not affect the use by the courier to limit the course of the cargo product bumps and other transport-type flaws Is a normal phenomenon Careful to buy!

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About Mazar

Mazar also known Ma gate , Cross-cutting , Entangled or Chair , Its appearance with today we see small stool Similarly, '杌' is a stool, and now there are still people will be a small stool known as '杌 child' or 'small 杌 child' and our Mazar origin from the north Nomadic people Hu bed consists of eight sticks, sitting by the brown rope connection, later known as the Mazar.The picture shows the first to see the image of Mazar.

The so-called bed, "release name" goes: 'bed, loaded also, so since the load also.' 'Guang Ya' cloud: 'habitat', the so-called bed, , That the bed. 'Loaded, set also, habitat also, all people sit and lie .Therefore, for the ancient kneeling things, like Japan today, the futon, bed. (Refer to Huang Xianfan the "ancient book interpretation"), the contents of the special, to the division of the times, cover for this also.

In the Han Dynasty, the northern nomadic 'hu bed' is introduced, where the 'bed' is the meaning of the seat, the seat of the table, And the bed is a different concept of bed .Song Ren Gao Cheng in the "transaction of the original" in the "customs" saying: "Han Lingdi good Hu service, King division for Hu bed, this cover its beginning also, It is also. '
Hu bed is much his favorite and often referred to one of the appliances.Therefore, the chair should be the ancient nation of mutual friendly exchanges and signs of continuous integration.And through the development of the top spot in the Song and Yuan Dynasties has emerged with the back of the chair, For the straight back and circle back two categories, due to the folding chair, easy to carry, so in the ancient times for the wild outing, hunting, marching operations used gradually evolved into the hall furniture, but also on the scene of the seat, the ancient book said Of those heroes and heroes of seniority sitting in the first few to put the number of the top spot, that is, out of this.
Mazar's three major advantages: easy to carry, because it has a folding feature, so easy to carry, like the current walk of the elderly, ALICE, car riders have many like to bring Mazar, for rest time. Do not want to bench chairs and other chairs occupy a larger space seat, after folding a little space can be placed arbitrarily, save space.Widely breathtaking, especially in summer, hot weather, the body easily sweat, like a bench like sitting for a long time The buttocks extremely discomfort, and Mazar because it is fibrous material mask and clothing to do so will be very comfortable.