Supply 5V USB small pillow, USB heating pillow, USB hand pillow, wrist pad

Supply 5V USB small pillow, USB heating pillow, USB hand pillow, wrist pad

Product description:

Category: cushion / pillow (with core) Brand: Lianmaida Style: Cartoon
Jacket Material: Plush Filler: PP cotton Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, trade fairs, employee benefits, public relations planning, other
Printed LOGO: can Custom processing: Dimensions: Other sizes
Whether with Thermostat: No pattern: plain

USB velvet pillow selection of high-grade super soft shearing, filled with green cotton, soft and comfortable and easy to carry, can be designed according to customer demand multifunction cartoon. Configuration inside the far infrared carbon fiber heater, the computer USB port or power adapter low-voltage power supply, safe, without any risk having high strength, resistance collapsed. heating up quickly and other characteristics. No open flame heating, avoiding the use of the presence of fracture, electric shock, and easy ignition and other accidents, it will not cause harm to the human body. When When energized, the carbon fiber heating element 99.9% of the electrical energy is converted into far infrared heat radiation with a wavelength of 5-20 microns is most beneficial to the human body, without the presence of electromagnetic radiation. no traditional metal wire fever brought hot during use sense, a safe, durable, energy-saving. heating, health care and other multiple power. can effectively relieve fatigue, perennial products exported to Japan, South Korea, quality assurance

The same product can transform a variety of cartoon animal shape, fashionable. With cushions, pillow, cushion, decorative dolls and other functions, is the ideal companion of every modern love life