Supply USB heating cup sets, baby bottle heating units, heat insulation cover bottle, bottle warm jacket

Supply USB heating cup sets, baby bottle heating units, heat insulation cover bottle, bottle warm jacket

Product description:

The crowd: Infant Power: 8 (W) Suitable for: coffee, tea, water, milk
Style: Neutral Product Category: Warm milk / heater Brand: Lianmaida

1. Interface 12V car cigarette lighter power supply, configure automatic temperature control switch, low voltage, safe, without any risk.

2, plug and play, no driver, make coffee and other beverages maintained at about 50 degrees, and will not burn your hand.

3, the use of carbon fiber materials fever, under the same allowable current load area, the strength of carbon fibers is 6-10 times higher than the metal wire, broken during use does not occur. Has high strength, high modulus, high temperature, anti-fatigue , waterproof, anti-creep, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and many other excellent performance.

4, rapid heating, power that is hot, the surface moisture of up to 50-70 degree high electric conversion efficiency, save energy; produce beneficial to humans far-infrared heat radiation heat: When energized, the carbon fiber heating element 99.9% of the electrical energy conversion into the far infrared heat radiation with a wavelength of 5-20 microns is most beneficial to the human body, without the presence of electromagnetic radiation.

Material: carbon fiber heater + diving nylon cloth +

Temperature: 50-70 ℃ Input Voltage: 12V

Car warm milk bottle heated to facilitate the parents when they go out, holding your baby, even if the road can also drink warm water and food to the baby from the bitter cold

1. The use of carbon fiber heating material, heating up fast, energy efficient, long life;

2. Insert the car cigarette lighter to use, easy to operate;

3. jacket with elastic insulation material, insulation uniform, suitable for various shapes of bottles and glass insulation;

4. Automatic overheating protection function, safe;

5. Products can be hung on a hook or trolley backpack straps handrails, easy to carry.