Supply multi Cartoon USB fever Hand Warmer mouse pad, USB warm mouse sets

Supply multi Cartoon USB fever Hand Warmer mouse pad, USB warm mouse sets

Product description:

Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, business gifts, holiday, housewarming, birthday, wedding, awards Memorial, fairs, anniversary celebrations, employee benefits, public relations planning Material: Cloth Printed LOGO: can
Whether to provide custom processing: Yes

Multifunction USB fever mouse cartoon appearance of the sleeve, in the back equipped with cartoon carbon fiber heating systems using the computer's USB port for power supply, low power consumption, temperature is the temperature of the human body just can accept. Office to operate a computer is very flexible.

High thermal efficiency: Close to 100%;
Heating up fast: power instant heat, 3-6 minutes to reach the rated temperature.

USB fever mouse sets at the same time achieve thermal effects, effectively massage palm user through the release of infrared (radiation 5.6-20up), so that infrared rays penetrate human tissue, activate cells, promote blood circulation, chronic pain and inflammatory diseases significant effect; and effective combination of infrared and heat promote fat burning, weight loss and beauty play a therapeutic effect.
Mouse pad due to the use of high frequency, time is long, the mouse pad surface bacteria, can easily become a source of disease. This paragraph warm mouse pad scientific design, through long-term infrared radiation, allowing consumers to use while at the moment of the mouse pad uninterrupted The disinfection. The product is also a scientific and practical environmentally friendly products.