Microcyber Pressure Transmitter With HART\PA\DP\FF

 Microcyber Pressure Transmitter With HART\PA\DP\FF

Product description:

Microcyber is a high-tech enterpriseestablished by Shenyang Institute of Automation, which attached Chinese Academy of Sciences.

As one of leading supplier of Fieldbusproducts, Microcyber mainlyprovides communication stack, communication controller chip (FF, PROFIBUS PA and HART) , customized communication board (FF, PROFIBUS PA andHART) , control configuration software, control system - NCS4000 System, pressure transmitter (FF, PROFIBUS PA andHART) , temperature transmitter (FF, PROFIBUS PA and HART) and F/ I & I/ Fconverter, etc..

As a new generation of smart fieldbuspressure transmitter, NCS-PT105II series pressure transmitter with capacitancesensor is available on FF H1, Profibus PA and HART protocols. The Transmitterhas high accuracy, better reliability and intrinsically safety.

1. Excellent performance:

High accuracy: ±0.075% (20℃, range rate 10: 1)

Stability: ±0.1% of maximum range per year

High range rate: 100: 1

2. Multi sensor: differential pressure (SD) ,high static pressure (SH) , gauge pressure (SG) , absolute pressure (SA) , microdifferential pressure (SR)

3. Compensation: automatically environmentaltemperature compensation