Filter | Activated carbon filter | multi-media filter | Efficient fiber filters

Filter | Activated carbon filter | multi-media filter | Efficient fiber filters

Product description:

Filter Type: tube Principle: gravity sedimentation Body Material: Stainless Steel
Effective filtration area: 2.4 (m2) Weight: 8.6 (Kg) Style: y type
Model: SY34 SY14 ST36 SY11 Suitable for nature: Weak corrosive, corrosive, low temperature materials, high hygiene requirements Suitable for: water
Specifications: DN25-300 Scope: chemical, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, automotive, light industry, food, mineral processing, water treatment, electroplating, metallurgy, dyes, textile DN: 25-300
Product Type: new Brand: Beijing Jing Chen Uses: oil-water separation
Performance: Precision filter, high efficiency filter Dimensions: 60-400 (mm) Media type: stainless steel

1.1 filter selection, mesh size and the filtration area and to determine the type of material, you should consider the following factors:

1) The type of pump;

2) the nature of the operating conditions of the medium;

3) the installation, operation, maintenance requirements.

1.2 nominal filter should not be less than the design pressure;

1.3 filter end face different nominal level interface, which takes over the flange and the size of the illegal takeover flange connection should comply with the following provisions:

1) filter interfaces for the nominal 2.05.0MPa Swiss side flange, the size should be consistent with existing regulations (petrochemical steel pipe flanges) SH3406's;

2) filter interfaces for the nominal Swiss side flange, the size should be consistent with the provisions of existing (pipeline flange and gasket) JB / T82.1 of;

3) filter interfaces Swiss side for the nominal flange 4.06.3MPa, the size should be consistent with the current (pipeline flange and gasket) require JB / T82.2 of;

4) Nominal non-standard flange connections to 10.0MPa and 10.0MPa lowland filter, which over size should comply with (oil and chemical companies pipe size series) SH3405 or the relevant national standards.

1.4 filter type selection, should meet the following requirements:

1) For the higher freezing point, viscosity, containing suspended solids more often when required shutdown purge media should use horizontal mounting of backwash filter;

2) solid impurities are more sticky end of the medium, should use basket filter

3) flammable, explosive, toxic media, should adopt welded connection filter, when the diameter is less than DN40, should adopt socket weld filter;

4) The medium flows 900 Changes should be chosen at Baffled T-type filter;

5) provided on the pump inlet pipe temporary filter cone filter should be chosen;

6) pipe diameters of less than DN400, should use Y-type and T-type filter; pipeline diameter greater than or equal to DN400, should use the filter basket;