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Self-cleaning filter backwash filter _ _ _ water filter pipe filter

Self-cleaning filter backwash filter _ _ _ water filter pipe filter
  • Self-cleaning filter backwash filter _ _ _ water filter pipe filter
Product code: 22513400001
Unit price: 1-216 CNY
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Filter Type: tube Principle: gravity sedimentation Body Material: Stainless Steel
Effective filtration area: 3.6 (m2) Weight: 23 (Kg) Style: Brush
Model: SSY type Suitable for nature: Weak corrosive, corrosive, low temperature materials, high hygiene requirements Suitable for: water
Specifications: DN25-300 Scope: chemical, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, automotive, light industry, food, mineral processing, water treatment, electroplating, metallurgy, dyes, textile DN: 25-300
Product Type: new Brand: Beijing Jing Chen Uses: oil-water separation
Performance: Precision filter, high efficiency filter Dimensions: 160-650 (mm) Media type: stainless steel

Convenient backwash filter operation and management, filtration speed, simple and reliable flushing, backwash ability, no power, energy saving. Flushing sewage can work at full flow, while maintaining a high flow system, but also has a very low pressure drop (less than 0.05-0.1m of water) to avoid surface stains caused due to the low flow rate side. without high bypass management during installation, reducing the investment and installation costs three bypass valve, mounted directly on the pipe-line, without any supporting structure, saving space. without dismantling the sewage, reducing the labor intensity, to avoid the process of commissioning and maintenance disassembly and sewage, labor, effort, time-saving.

working principle:
1, the filter backwash filters work
During normal operation, the flow switching valve for the water to be treated like open water and the fine particulate impurities and suspended solids deposition due to inertia in the vicinity of the outfall through the filter utilizing the principle of inertia.
2, backwash filter - flushing sewage
Normal wash, the water diverter valve is open. When the filter retention of fine grain particles of water impurities and suspended matter reaches a certain number, will open the valve on the sewage outfall, under the action of the water will be glued to the portion of the filter gather segments flushing impurities until discharge water is clear so far. then turn off the filter on the sewage outfall into the normal working condition.
3, backwash filter - backwash of sewage
Backwash, the water valve is turned off, the drain valve open, then water was forced through the inlet section from the mesh filter cartridge into the filter cartridge and the housing outer interlayer, reverse flush from the outside tube network adhered mesh the impurities, to achieve the purpose of cleaning the filters. As the steering valve is closed, the water flow velocity after recoil valve backwash effect is good.

Installation and maintenance:
1, mounted directly on the product pipeline, without any supporting structure, usually near the front of the device to be protected.
2, washing can be divided into two stages First stage cleaning sewage, open for about 30 seconds the drain valve, according to the inner tube given impurity, let impurities discharged from the outfall; the second is the backwash stage, the drain valve is still open, open water steering valve for about 30 seconds, will adhere to the filter backwash online stay was discharged.
3, the device is no wearing parts, only the sewage can be based on water quality regularly.