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Security-type filter GLQ-BA SY-BA

Security-type filter GLQ-BA SY-BA
  • Security-type filter GLQ-BA SY-BA
Product code: 22513100001
Unit price: 168-180 CNY
Reference price: 24.39-26.13 USD
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The amount of wear: 0.1 Crashworthiness strength: 0.6-2.5 (MPa) Pipe thickness: 25 ~ 250 (mm)
Friction coefficient: 0.1 For fluid: petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy and other industries Custom processing:
Material: carbon steel, stainless steel Pipe diameter: 25 ~ 250 (mm) Model: GLQ-BA SY-BA
Brand: Beijing Jing Chen Operating temperature range: -40 ~ 450 (℃)

The filter is indispensable to a pipeline system transporting medium filtering device, usually mounted at the inlet end of the valve, pressure relief valve, water valve or other equipment used to remove impurities in the medium, in order to protect the valves and equipment The normal use. filter has advanced structure, small resistance, sewage and convenient, suitable medium for water, oil, gas general pass water network for the 18~30 Mesh ventilation network is 10~100 Currently, through the network of oil 100~480 Head Filter mainly by the takeover, directors, filter basket, flange, flange covers and fasteners and other components. When the liquid enters the filter basket through competent, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the filter basket, and clean fluid communication filter basket, discharged from the outlet of the filter.

Filter characteristics:
1, high precision filter, the filter pore size uniform.
2, filtration resistance, flux, interception capability, long service life.
3, filter materials clean and high filtration medium pollution, acid, alkali and other chemical agents.
4, simple operation, low operating cost, easy to clean, the filter can be replaced, and the replacement cost is low.
5, widely used in drinking water, water for domestic water, electronics, textile printing and dyeing, environmental protection, medicine and other sectors of filtration, alcohol filtration, pharmaceutical filtration, acid filtration, reverse osmosis and electrodialysis, ultrafiltration water security filter.

Technical Parameters:
1, cylinder Material: 304316L
2, filtering accuracy (um): 0.5-100
3, the filter capacity (t / h): 0.2-100
4, the working pressure (MPa): 0.1-1.6
5, temperature range (℃): 1-60
6, filter material: meltblown filter
7, filter Length: 10 'to 40'
8, cartridge core: 1 core to 180 core