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A brass quick connector type KJT-A / B / C / D

A brass quick connector type KJT-A / B / C / D
  • A brass quick connector type KJT-A / B / C / D
Product code: 22512300001
Unit price: 108-120 CNY
Reference price: 15.72-17.47 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Connection Type: Thread Model: KJT-A Size: 1 / 2-8 inch
Scope: petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy and other industries Brand: Beijing Jing Chen Material: Brass
Custom processing: Nominal Diameter: DN15-DN200 (mm)

Quick connectors, no tools will be able to achieve a communication line or disconnected quick connector fitting can be divided into: Air with quick connector, quick connector common oxygen-fuel gas with quick connectors, gas liquids, oil pressure with quick connector The inert gas used quick connectors, cooling water temperature oil with quick connector, quick connector semiconductors.

1, saving time and effort: Through the quick connector to split off and connection circuit, simple operation, saving time and manpower.

2, fuel: When broken oil line check valve quick connector can be closed on the oil, the oil does not flow out, avoiding oil, hydraulic losses.

3, green: Quick connectors and connection broken, the oil spill will not leak, and environmental protection.

4, the device broke up, easy to transport: Require large equipment or portable hydraulic tools, the use of quick connectors spin transport, destination and then assembled and used.

5, economy : All of the above advantages are for customers to create economic value.

Quick Connector is divided into: A Type B Type C Type D Type E Type F Type DC Type DP type eight models, including type A, E, F-type, DP-type four male and B, C-type, D-type, DC type 4 female.
Manufacturing Materials: 304,316 aluminum and other conventional materials may be batch processing other materials.
Nominal Diameter: DN15-DN150mm
Nominal: 16-64KG
Temperature: -20 ~ 150 ℃
Suitable medium: water, oil, gas and some corrosive liquid.
Scope: industrial, chemical, LPG, Travel manufacturing equipment.
Connection: thread, weld, flange, fast access, pull handle and a spout and so on.
Quick connectors are generally packaged product, you may also need to buy a single.
Type A: One change is the card in advance of the female connector, a change is wire port connected to an internal thread;
Type B: one side is pulling ears card with two male groove, while the wire port external thread connection;
Type C: a change is pulling the ear card with two male groove, while there is a bamboo-like hose fittings;
D Type: one side is pulled with two male ear card recess, while the silk thread connecting the mouth;
E Type: one side is stuck in the female header connector, while the hose connectors with bamboo-like;
F type: a change is stuck in advance of the female connector with wire port side is connected to the external thread '
DC type: a card with two pull tabs may be circular plug into the male;
DP type: a circular plug, also called quick plug.