Hu suction valve standard, Hu suction valve size, Hu suction valve role Hu suction valve principle, Beijing Hu suction valve

Hu suction valve standard, Hu suction valve size, Hu suction valve role Hu suction valve principle, Beijing Hu suction valve

Product description:

Type (channel position): straight-through Working pressure: 0.6-2.5 Material: Stainless steel
Flow direction: Bidirectional Pressure environment: atmospheric Synonyms: fire dampers
Model: HXF-I GHF-1 ZFQ GFQ-2 Medium temperature: -40 ~ 450 (℃) Specifications: DN25-500
Connection: flange Scope: Various petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries liquids or gases Brand: Beijing Jing Chen
Uses: Relief Suitable medium: Weak acid medium Drive: automatic

Hu suction valve AKA: Hu suction tank; Hu suction tank; small Hu suction discharge

Hu suction tank emissions are due to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure caused by expansion and contraction of the vapor generated steam is discharged, it appears the liquid level in the tank without any change of circumstances, it is a natural way of artificial interference emissions.

Hu suction tank safety valve there specifically for tank Hu suck.

Mechanical suction valve is a core component of Hu Hu suction tank system. Usually by the pressure valve and vacuum valve of two parts.

It takes full advantage of the bearing capacity of the tank itself to reduce oil vapor emissions, the principle is to use the weight of the valve disc to control the gas tank of Hu positive and negative pressure of suction. When the pressure in the gas tank mechanical Hu suction valve The control pressure range within, Hu suction valve does not maintain airtight tank; when the pressure in the gas space of the tank increases, to control the pressurized Hu suction valve, the pressure valve is to open the top, the gas from the tank within escape, so the tank pressure does not continue to increase; the gas space of the tank when the pressure drops, Hu suction valve to control the negative pressure when the atmosphere outside of the tank will open the top of the vacuum valve and into the tank, the pressure tank not continue to decline.

1, the installation location requirements and temperature range requirements, it should be used as a cold-weather region Hu suction valves, and should be installed in the pipe pipeline selection Hu suction valve.

2, the control pressure mechanical Hu suction valve should be pressure-related capacities.

3, mechanical Hu suction valve specifications (flange diameter) should meet the maximum out of the oil tank Hu suction gas flow requirements