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Hydraulic valve HXF-Y type

Hydraulic valve HXF-Y type
  • Hydraulic valve HXF-Y type
Product code: 22509100001
Unit price: 168-180 CNY
Reference price: 24.43-26.18 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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The amount of wear: 0.1 Crashworthiness strength: 0.6-2.5 (MPa) Pipe thickness: 25-300 (mm)
Friction coefficient: 0.1 For fluid: Various petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries liquids Custom processing:
Material: carbon steel, stainless steel Pipe diameter: 25-300 (mm) Model: HXF-Y type
Brand: Beijing Jing Chen Operating temperature range: -40 ~ 60 (℃)
  • A hydraulic valve safety valve, its opening and closing pieces by the external force is normally closed state, when the equipment or pipeline of medium pressure rises automatically open exceeds a predetermined value, through to the outside of the system to prevent the emission medium medium pressure pipe or inside the device exceeds a predetermined value. valve are automatic valves, mainly used for boilers, pressure vessels and piping, control pressure does not exceed a predetermined value, for personal safety and equipment operation plays an important role in protection
  • Connection Standard: HG, GB, ANSI, JIS, DIN and so on.
  • Standard Connection: HG, GB, ANSI, JIS, DIN, etc.
  • Operating pressure: -640pa- + 2156pa (-65mmH2O- + 220mmH2O)
  • Operating Pressure: -640pa- + 2156pa (-65mmH2O- + 220mmH2O)
  • Equipment material:
  • Please specify when ordering: Product name, nominal diameter, detailed parameters of the pressure rating, material, flange standards, operating pressure, the media and above the size of conventional general-purpose products, for other size, welcome to call us.