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Jacket | Hu suction valve, flame arrester Beijing Hu suction valve

Jacket | Hu suction valve, flame arrester Beijing Hu suction valve
  • Jacket | Hu suction valve, flame arrester Beijing Hu suction valve
Product code: 22509000001
Unit price: 88-98 CNY
Reference price: 12.78-14.23 USD
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Type (channel position): straight-through Working pressure: 0.6-2.5 Material: Stainless steel
Flow direction: Bidirectional Pressure environment: atmospheric Synonyms: fire dampers
Model: HXF-IZ HXF-I Medium temperature: -40 ~ 450 (℃) Connection: flange
Scope: petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy and other industries Brand: Beijing Jing Chen Uses: Relief
Suitable medium: Weak acid medium Drive: automatic

Jacket (fire retardant) Hu suction valve Introduction

Jacket (fire retardant) Hu suction valve is used to balance the pressure in the tank, maintaining a normal state. Fixed on top of the tank ventilation, to prevent over-pressure or vacuum tank so the tank sustained damage, but also can reduce the tank liquid evaporation loss.
According to Chinese (petrochemical fire protection design) (GB50160-92) provides: A and B liquid fixed roof tanks, flame arrester should be located and Hu suction valve ', Hu suction valve compact structure, light weight, ventilation volume, leak is small. products are single Hu valve, single suction valve, Hu suction valve, a variety of structural types can be configured with a combination of flame arrester, also needed to be formulated to take over.

Hu suction valve performance

For a variety of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, special materials such as liquid or gas.
• Operating pressure:
A, -295Pa (-30mmH2O) + 355Pa (+ 36mmH2O)
B, -295Pa (-30mmH2O) + 980Pa (+ 100mmH2O)
C, -295Pa (-30mmH2O) + 1750Pa (+ 180mmH2O)
D, -295Pa (-30mmH2O) + 9800Pa (+ 10000mmH2O)
(Operating pressure indicators can also be specified by the user)
• Riot Level: BS5501: IIA, IIB, IIC.
• valve disc, seat material: aluminum, stainless steel, good corrosion resistance.
• Seal material: PTFE good antifreeze properties.
• Ambient temperature: -30 ° C -60 ° C
• Flange standard: HG20594-97 PN1.0 If the customer when required GB, SH, HGJ, JB, ANSI, JIS and other standards or changing pressure levels, please indicate in the contract.


Hu suction valve is an important accessory to protect the safety of the tank, mounted on the tank roof, by the pressure valve and vacuum valve of two parts. Its role, in general, keep the tank tightness, to a certain extent, reduce evaporation loss of oil. And, if necessary, can automatically adjust the balance tank ventilation and external pressure on the tank play a security role.
When the tank and gas tank pressure is greater than the allowable pressure, oil vapor to escape through the pressure valve, vacuum valve is closed at this time; when the tank and gas pressure is less than the degree of vacuum tank allow fresh air into the tank through the vacuum valve, At this time the pressure valve is closed, allowing pressure (or vacuum pressure) by adjusting the weight of the disc to control.