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Explosion-proof flame arrester Hu suction valve HXF-IZ

Explosion-proof flame arrester Hu suction valve HXF-IZ
  • Explosion-proof flame arrester Hu suction valve HXF-IZ
Product code: 22508600001
Unit price: 180 CNY  (26.15 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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The amount of wear: 0.1 Crashworthiness strength: 0.6-2.5 (MPa) Pipe thickness: 25-300 (mm)
Friction coefficient: 0.1 Custom processing: Material: carbon steel, stainless steel
Pipe diameter: 25-300 (mm) Model: HXF-IZ Brand: Beijing Jing Chen
Operating temperature range: -40 ~ 450 (℃)

Hu suction ventilation valve is mounted on a fixed roof tanks can reduce evaporation loss of oil control tank pressure balance in accordance with national standards (fire protection design of petrochemical enterprise) (GB50160-92) provisions: A, B fixed roof tank type liquid flame arrester should be located and Hu suction valve 'visible Hu suction valve, flame arrester tank is essential to safety.
Our production series Hu suction valve, according to the needs of different media environment can be divided into Hu Hu suction valve and suction valve and flame arrester, flame arrester Hu Commonwealth-style fire resistant layer suction valve, the complete elimination of ignition sources to enter Hu suck valve housing, and according to the needs of special circumstances, into a single Hu valve, single suction valve, with double takeover Hu suction valve, can meet a variety of different needs. With a compact, ventilation volume, small leakage sealing performance Well, maintenance, cleaning, replacement and easy.

The main technical parameters:
Suitable for storing all kinds of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, special materials such as liquid or gas.

Operating pressure:
A: -295Pa (-30mmH2O) ~ + 355Pa (+ 36mmH2O)
B: -295Pa (-30mmH2O) ~ + 980Pa (+ 100mmH2O)
C: -295Pa (-30mmH2O) ~ + 1750Pa (+ 180mmH2O)
D: customer specific requirements: -295Pa (-30mmH2O) ~ + 98000Pa (+ 10000mmH2O) between.
Explosion levels: BS 5501: IIA, IIB, IIC.
Housing Material: carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel: SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316, SUS316L, linings.
Valve disc and seat materials: aluminum, stainless steel.
Seal material: PTFE and so on.
Flange Standard: HG20592-97 PN1.0, when customers need GB, SH, HGJ, JB, ANSI, JIS and other standards or changing pressure levels, please indicate in the contract.
Manufacturing, testing standards: according to Hu oil tanks suction valve SY7511-96, oil storage tank flame arrester and test methods GB5908-86 and other standards for manufacturing and inspection, or customer specified standards.

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