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This issue deals - Hu suction valve series | Zuhuo Hu suction valve PVC

This issue deals - Hu suction valve series | Zuhuo Hu suction valve PVC
  • This issue deals - Hu suction valve series | Zuhuo Hu suction valve PVC
Product code: 22508400001
Unit price: 128-168 CNY
Reference price: 18.61-24.42 USD
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Type (channel position): straight-through Working pressure: PN1.0 Material: PVC
Flow direction: Bidirectional Pressure environment: atmospheric Synonyms: fire dampers
Model: HXF-PVC Medium temperature: -20 ~ 80 (℃) Specifications: DN25-200
Connection: flange Scope: Various petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries liquids or gases Brand: Beijing Jing Chen
Uses: Relief Medium: all kinds of highly corrosive chemical media Drive: automatic

Hu inner plastic suction pressure valve is mainly used to contain leakage allowed certain volatile chemical substances and the low pressure receiver (such as HCL / HNO3 tanks), which is fixed to the top of the tank, as the ventilation device to ensure that the tank pressure in the normal state, to prevent the tank to generate positive and negative pressure leaving the tank sustained damage, but also to reduce evaporation losses tank liquid.

Beijing Jing Chen Hu company produces plastic suction valve fully utilize the tank itself bearing capacity to reduce oil vapor emissions, the principle is to use the weight of the valve disc to control the gas tank of Hu positive and negative pressure of suction when the tank When the pressure in the gas in the mechanical Hu suction pressure within the control range of the valve, Hu suction valve does not maintain airtight tank; when the pressure in the gas space of the tank rises, reaching Hu suction control valve when the positive pressure, pressure valve is to open the top, the gas escaping from the tank, so that the tank pressure does not continue to increase; the gas space of the tank when the pressure drops, Hu suction valve to control the negative pressure when the atmosphere outside of the tank and the top opening of the vacuum valve into the tank, the pressure inside the tank is not continued to decline.

Currently as many chemical companies could not make the performance better Hu suction valve, and Chinese environmental protection departments of various chemical companies have suction valve must be installed Hu requirements, forced these two reasons, most chemical companies are the small The problems plaguing order to solve this long-standing problem plagued, Beijing Jing Chen Petrochemical Company based on their years of experience in contact with the chemical companies, we developed the plastic suction valve Hu, Hu suction valve that has in some companies use to give unanimous praise.

Hu plastic suction valve, PP / PVC Hu suction valve, with Hu to take over the plastic suction valve, Beijing Hu suction valve manufacturers, Beijing Jing Chen petrochemical production of Hu suction valve includes a valve body, which is provided on the valve body blow pipe and the connection conduit, said valve body equipped with a one-way valve, in the blowing tube is provided with a filter layer, the blowing tube and the connecting conduit located on both sides of the valve body and in communication with the valve body, characterized in that said connecting duct A fixed slot. The utility model belongs to the technical field of medical devices, and more particularly to an artificial Hu Hu suction valve when the suction emergency use, which includes a valve with a blow pipe and the connection of the catheter body, the equipped with one-way spool valve is provided with a filter layer in the blowing tube, the gas blow pipe and the connecting pipe on both sides of the valve body and communicating with the spool, wherein said connecting conduit provided with a fixed groove ; as a fixed groove in the connecting conduit, the corresponding parts of the use of masks can be embedded in a fixed groove, so that the two can be combined with a relatively fixed, it overcomes the Hu suction valve easily slip from the mask defect, it has the structure is simple, safe, and convenient features.

Operating pressure: Current Offer - Hu Hu suction valve series arrester PVC suction valve
A: -295Pa (-30mmH2O) ~ + 355Pa (+ 36mmH2O)
B: -295Pa (-30mmH2O) ~ + 980Pa (+ 100mmH2O)
C: -295Pa (-30mmH2O) ~ + 1750Pa (+ 180mmH2O)
D: customer specific requirements: -295Pa (-30mmH2O) ~ + 98000Pa (+ 10000mmH2O) between.
Explosion levels: BS 5501: IIA, IIB, IIC.
Housing Material: carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel: SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316, SUS316L, linings.
Valve disc and seat materials: aluminum, stainless steel.
Seal material: PTFE and so on.