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Beijing tank flame arrester ZHQ-1

Beijing tank flame arrester ZHQ-1
  • Beijing tank flame arrester ZHQ-1
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The amount of wear: 0.1 Crashworthiness strength: 0.6-2.5 (MPa) Pipe thickness: 25-300 (mm)
Friction coefficient: 0.1 For fluid: Various petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries liquids or gases Custom processing:
Material: carbon steel, stainless steel Pipe diameter: 25-300 (mm) Model: ZHQ-1
Brand: Beijing Jing Chen Operating temperature range: -40 ~ 450 (℃)

Beijing tank flame arrester ZHQ-1 is the application of a flame through a narrow pore thermal conductor , Principles of design and manufacturing due to heat loss and extinguished suitable for combustible gas pipelines, such as gasoline, kerosene, light diesel oil, benzene, toluene, crude oil and other oil storage and filling or flare system, gas purification Tonghua system, gas analysis systems, coal gas drainage system, furnace fuel gas pipe-line, can also be used in acetylene, oxygen, nitrogen, natural gas pipeline supplies.

Beijing Jing Chen era Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national-level production enterprises, nearly 30 years of production, marketing and independent research and development experience, is a director and a life member of the global Awards Gold valve holder and the world's only valves Association. Beijing Jing Chen is the production of valve varieties, one of the largest field size valve manufacturers, product widely used in industrial, commercial, petrochemical, fluid control, family, home, and environmental protection.

Flame arrester (aka fire, a partition firearms) is used to prevent peaceful means flammable gases and flammable liquid vapors flame spread as early as 1928 flame arresters have been used in the petroleum industry, the current widespread use as industrial expansion in the chemical industry, coal, water, oil, rail transport, gas pipelines and oil and gas recovery walked piecemeal like.
Principle 1 arrester arrester
Most flame arrester is made of solid material can be subjected to a gas passage or many coarse pores formed, the requirements of these channels or pores as small, small enough to make the flame is extinguished. Mechanism of flame can be extinguished transfer of heat and control wall effect.
1.1 transfer of heat
Arrester is composed of many channels or pores composed of thick, when the passage of flame into the thick, constitute many thick flame stream channel due to the large heat transfer area, the flame through the channel wall aborted after heat exchange, the temperature dropped, arrived in certain the extent of the flame can be extinguished. According to the British Luo Boer (M `Roper) experiments indicate corrugated flame arrester aborted, when the flame arrester thermal conductivity of the material progress of 460 times, which is off diameter changes only 216%. This shows that the material achievements is secondary. That is the role of heat transfer is a reason to extinguish the flames, but not a secondary reason.
1.2 wall effect
According to extinguish the explosion chain reaction theory, that the consequences of the direct effect of extinguishing the explosion scene is not between molecules, but in the foreign power (thermal, radiation, electrical energy, chemical energy, etc.) provoked under that molecular bonds have been destroyed, seizures have repercussions to the molecules (called active molecules), these reactive molecules attack chemical reaction, first of all split into a very vivid and life short radical chemical reaction is suspended by these free radicals. Free radicals and the role of another molecule In addition to the resultant consequences, but also the onset of new free radicals. These new radicals repeatedly repercussions, and cost and generating, from time to time to suspend it. It can be seen self-extinguish combustible mixed gas (after the start off, no external power effect) condition: new episodes of free base is equal to or greater than the elapsed free base.
Beijing ZHQ-1 tank flame arrester flame arrester with decreasing channel dimensions, between free radicals and consequent repercussions molecular collision probability added, and radical collision probability with the channel walls but added, thus prompting a radical reduction reactions When the channel dimensions added to a certain value, which constitutes the wall of flame effect can not continue to convey the conditions of flame namely stop. Thus the wall effect is to prevent secondary mechanism of flame.

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Tank flame arrester main purposes:

Arrester is used to prevent flammable gas, liquid flame spread tempered safety device caused the explosion. Commonly used in the transport of flammable or combustible gases emissions tanks or pipelines, such as the torch, heating combustion system, oil gas Recovery System or other flammable gases.

Tank flame arrester main features:

Our comprehensive introduction of the United Kingdom, Germany, the company's advanced technology, combined with advanced processing equipment and improve the detection means, the production of explosion-proof corrugated flame arrester, with a compact, high reliability and fire retardant core explosion, corrosion, fire retardant performance, ease of cleaning, etc., especially suitable for hydrogen, oxygen, liquefied petroleum gas and other special media.

Beijing tank flame arrester ZHQ-1 Technical parameters:












Fire retardant core member

Fire Arresting Matenal


Seal Material

Working Temperature (℃)

Ambient Temperature

Operating Pressure

Operating Pressure


Joint type



Carbon CS

Stainless steel 304

Stainless steel 316L

Aluminum Aluminums

Stainless steel explosion-proof fire retardant corrugated board

SUS304 (SUS316) corrugated plate with flame arrestig and anti-explosion

Spiral wound gasket

Metal enlace



≤ 480 ℃

0.6 ~ 500MPa

(150LB ~ 600LB)


Flange joint

Butt connection

Butt Welding joint

Threaded connection

Threaded joint

Fire resistant layer material: 304 stainless steel.

Explosion levels: BS 5501; IIA, IIB, IIC.

Flange Standard: GB, HG, SH, HGJ, JB, ANSL, JIS and other standards. (User-specified, please indicate the pressure level)

Manufacturing, testing standards: Press (oil storage tank flame arrester) GB13347-92 (oil tank flame arrester and test methods) GB5908-86 and other standards for manufacture and acceptance: or user-specified criteria.