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Fan muffler XSQ-FJ

Fan muffler XSQ-FJ
  • Fan muffler XSQ-FJ
Product code: 22506700001
Unit price: 168-180 CNY
Reference price: 24.42-26.17 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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The amount of wear: 0.1 Crashworthiness strength: 0.6-2.5 (MPa) Pipe thickness: 25-300 (mm)
Friction coefficient: 0.1 For fluid: Various petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries liquids or gases Custom processing:
Material: carbon steel, stainless steel Pipe diameter: 25-300 (mm) Model: XSQ-FJ
Brand: Beijing Jing Chen Operating temperature range: -40 ~ 60 (℃)
  • Muffler is to prevent sound transmission while allowing air flow through a device, is an important measure to eliminate aerodynamic noise muffler is mounted on the aerodynamic devices (such as blowers, air compressors) airflow passage or intake and exhaust system The noise reduction devices. muffler can stop the propagation of sound waves, to allow air flow through, is an effective tool to control noise. Many types of muffler, but their silencer mechanism, but they can be divided into six main types, namely muffler Resistive muffler, muffler, impedance composite muffler, micro-perforated plate muffler, muffler holes and active muffler.
  • Muffler features
    (1) Resistive muffler
    Resistive muffler is the use of sound poured in porous sound-absorbing material spread, the friction will sound energy into heat and dissipated, to achieve the purpose of the muffler. Resistive muffler in good, high-frequency performance muffler.

    (2) muffler
    This class muffler is reflected in the use of sound waves, interference and resonance principle, absorb or hinder acoustic energy to spread. It is suitable for the elimination of medium and low frequency noise or a narrowband early sound.

    (3) micro-perforated plate muffler
    This class muffler is built on the basis of the microporous structure of both sound barrier have anti-resonance-type muffler. This muffler can
    The impact that higher air velocity, temperature, and humidity are not afraid of water, the ability of certain dust.

    (4) composite muffler
    In order to achieve wide-band, high silencing effect absorption, resistance and resistance can be combined into a composite muffler muffler. This class has both resistive muffler sound-absorbing material, there resonators, expandable, perforated screen and other acoustic filter devices.

    (5) expansion pressure, the hole injection formula
    To reduce the high temperature, high-speed, high-pressure exhaust jet noise designed Exhaust Muffler.

  • Please specify when ordering: Product name, nominal diameter, detailed parameters of the pressure rating, material, flange standards, operating pressure, the media and above the size of conventional general-purpose products, for other size, welcome to call us.