The key moment of life insurance products, surpassing Car collision active safety products.

The key moment of life insurance products, surpassing Car collision active safety products.

Product description:

Cars became one of the essential vehicles of modern life, whether short or long, can solve the travel problems of modern thought, as life has brought convenience. For customers who just buy a car, comfortably furnished in No is the key to the car of their choice, whether or not there is a warm fan, seating is comfortable, but they ignore the only crucial point is that the car is safe and whether there is active safety configuration of ancillary products. This is often a problem for most customers easy to miss In fact, these omissions reasons weekdays from customers security products for automotive safety supplies negligence and ignorance caused.

Security is one of the essential elements of cars, no security all talk, so automotive active safety supplies can not be ignored, Henan beyond the company's current production and development of a set of automatic anti-collision automotive safety products, it can effectively protect the owners of timely personal safety, it is estimated that by the moment before the collision rate of the wheel diameter of the sensor to the collision time is going to happen the next second, to remind owners to slow down and take the appropriate measures to avoid accidents. It is composed of a laser radar system, an information processing early warning systems, braking systems consisting of three components, to avoid traffic accidents.

Automatic collision avoidance products, one of the most basic safety device for a vehicle, but it is not a panacea for auto pairing collision.

Want virtue only human judgment and operation to prevent all accidents is unrealistic, according to the findings of automobile collision accident. And asked the driver when a collision is imminent accident to take avoidance behavior, the results show that nearly 40% The man did not hit the brakes, turn the steering wheel and other evasive action.

Survey results showed that: through the brakes and turn the steering wheel avoidance 13.9%, brakes avoid accidents by 42.6 percent, 5.6 percent by turning the steering wheel evade, not evade the 37.9% '

Thus, in reality, even if the danger is not imminent to make evasive action, or the driver can not make a few evasive action. Therefore, the auto automatic collision avoidance braking system to prevent the accident is still much room to contribute. Therefore we can say, at the critical moment, automobile anti-loaded most life insurance products.

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