Car crash traffic safety, is our common responsibility

Car crash traffic safety, is our common responsibility

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Car crash traffic safety, is our common responsibility.

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Traffic safety, is our common responsibility, because in a country inside China Officially, more of our population, urbanization green level is not high, as the popularity of cars, give us a lot of traffic problems, such as blocked roads , air pollution, etc. The most important thing is car traffic safety, car safety engineering still exist a lot of risks, so when we promote energy conservation, to improve the safety problems of the car, currently used in the automotive field of security The main measures are: seat belts, safety seats, safety glass and anti-collision airbags main role of these devices in the vehicle after the accident, it is possible to reduce the degree of injury to varying degrees, but it can not prevent car crash occurred fundamentally With the development and progress of science and technology, more effective measures to prevent the occurrence of accidents in a step by step to improve the car, such as automatic braking system of the car, the car's intelligent collision avoidance system, greatly reducing the accident, the smart car crash Early warning systems can prevent car crash, it is different from seat belts, airbags and other conventional security products, it is important to be able to take proactive steps before the accident vehicle intelligent collision avoidance system has the following features:

1. The distance between the vehicle in front and automatically detect obstacles, when the current vehicle pose a threat to the vehicle, or driver fatigue because the driver can implement automatic alarm, automatic deceleration, automatic braking.

2. brake lights lit in advance, to prevent rear-end accidents retreat.

3. small size, easy to install, easy to operate, strong anti-interference, good stability, suitable for any vehicle, without changing the original car structure and properties of the case can be install and use.

The user-friendly design, automatic lifting, manual lifting devices, does not affect the original car start, acceleration, overtaking.

5. Whether day, night, rain, fog, frost, snow weather, can effectively play the role of automatic crash.

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