Henan beyond automotive safety automatic collision warning system brakes are you safe choice

Henan beyond automotive safety automatic collision warning system brakes are you safe choice

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Car Safety Automotive supplies automotive accessories car crash

Beyond (Henan) Automotive Safety Control Device Co., Ltd. is a production and sales of automotive safety warning automatic collision warning system brake manufacturers.

Many people will like the car in their car to install automatic car crash supplies, which is WHY? Automatic collision avoidance system is part of intelligent cars. Some people love their cars, whether high-end cars, or mid-range car, the owners hope that their car is the best car in its class, even if the performance of his car and the other cars compared to not the best, but they are willing to through their own efforts to make their car's performance has been further improve Installing vehicle safety warning device can not only enhance the quality and ensure the car in case of an accident will reduce vehicle wear and tear to a minimum and also ensure that the owners of their own personal safety.

Henan Automobile Safety Control Device Co., Ltd. Beyond the development of all intelligent automatic car bumpers, is sound, light, electricity in one of the high-tech security devices. When obstacles appear in front of cars, its distance to the safety of people and vehicles constitute When the threat, the device will automatically alarm to alert the driver to drive carefully; if the driver due to fatigue or other reasons failed to make a correct reflection or reflect mistakes, when the accident is about to occur, this device allows automotive automatic deceleration, automatic brake and stop, in order to avoid the accident. After the danger is removed, the device can also make the car quickly into the normal driving state, did not affect the performance of the original vehicle.

We have a complete and scientific quality management system. Beyond (Henan) Automotive Safety Control Device Co., integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome domestic and foreign customers come to visit, guidance, negotiate, we will hand in hand, brilliant!

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