Automotive Intelligent Auto Bumper

Automotive Intelligent Auto Bumper

Product description:

Automotive Intelligent Auto bumper successfully developed and magical effects

Smart car crash car crash car auto crash safety car safety supplies automotive safety parts

Automotive Safety Auto bumper ruffle like? Flexible inflexible in the end? Affect the performance of the car itself, it? There are a lot of customers in considering whether to use? Henan today to introduce anti-collision devices beyond the automotive safety controlled automatic production of automotive safety bumper.

A way to get a vehicle to automatically avoid the front and rear-end crash of high-tech products - smart car automatic anti-collision system, successfully developed and passed relevant appraisal, has carried out market-oriented investment ......

Statistics show that since the 1950's, the world was killed in a car accident who has tens of millions of dollars, the economic loss is even more alarming is huge. Bloody lessons spawned the development of automotive safety devices, car seat belts should be shipped first He was born, and later invented the air bag crash, but these are of passive safety devices, only varying degrees of disaster reduction, not fundamentally avoid crashes.

Beyond the Automobile Safety Control Device Henan Co., Ltd. developed automatic intelligent automatic car bumpers, it is a sound, light, electricity and high-tech security devices in one. When obstacles appear in front of cars, their vehicles and the distance When a security threat, the device will automatically alarm to alert the driver to drive carefully; if the driver due to fatigue or other reasons failed to make a correct reflection or to reflect the errors, when the accident is about to occur, this arrangement enables the car automatically slow , automatic braking and complete stop to avoid the accident. After the danger is removed, the device can also make the car quickly into the normal driving state, did not affect the performance of the original vehicle.

Experts say, beyond the bumper car auto successful development of a technological revolution in human history of automobile traffic safety marks, a higher technological content, the arrival of the era of automatic anti-collision whole new concept of intelligent, will humanity bring security and happiness.

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