A new generation of automotive safety crash Products

A new generation of automotive safety crash Products

Product description:

A new generation of products to market, automotive supplies automotive collision parts and characteristics of the product

Automobile traffic Automobile Parts supplies parts supplies car crash

Bloody accidents to the family and society brought serious harm, in order to avoid accidents from happening again, and transportation to bring harmony to society a better tomorrow, beyond the car crash controlled device company after a number of researchers painstakingly invented a new generation Automotive safety protection device, specifically described as follows:

1 ranging system:

The system is the latest development of infrared laser can be fast ranging radar, its interior with ultra-high-speed counter and high-speed processor, capable of measuring the distance and speed of obstacles within 0.1 seconds.

2 Information processing systems:

The system collects data from the probes ranging, thus the degree of risk to make judgments, to remind the driver to take appropriate braking measures to ensure their safety. The system uses a 4.3-inch LCD touch screen, with the city and the high-speed mode switch setting, the relative Speed ​​dashboard indication, distance display, calendar, settings and other functions.

3 brake Execution System

Brake execution system shell is made of aluminum alloy die-cast, black matte surface design, internal sealing, shock absorption, noise reduction, with dust, put the splash, low noise characteristics; interface uses strong aviation plug conductive properties and anti-rust; communication CAN bus communication using industrial-grade control, data communications security and stability. The system uses the international leading technology coreless motor as a brake servo motor controller, plus a motherboard with an industrial grade design, electro-mechanical dual protection when working with system stability High safety performance, strong anti-interference ability, adaptability, long working life and other advantages.

Meng accident in Tiger, we must pay attention to. For their own personal safety, for the safety of others, be sure to obey the traffic rules, safety on, drive carefully.

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