Beyond automotive safety crash Products

Beyond automotive safety crash Products

Product description:

Automatic collision avoidance hold the dignity of life and hope the automotive industry

Automotive supplies automotive safety products auto active Bumpers

As the market grows, more and more cars, a car is no longer a problem, but the car caused more and more problems, car theft problem, car rear-end issue has become the most talked about car problems The two leaders, beyond the automotive electronic equipment allows you to never have to worry for these chores, easily help you solve the problem of traffic accident trouble. prevent the unauthorized use of automotive safety products ranks of anti-theft products can be enough to help you solve the problem of car theft. The cheapest car alarm system is a mechanical anti-theft devices, generally tens of dollars to several hundred dollars you can get, like the steering wheel lock, gear lock belong to this category. is the most widely used electronic anti-theft, electronic password and voice alarm It also automotive safety products industry theft of high-end products. These products operate is simple and easy, but the most high-end anti-theft system is a network security, such as GPS global satellite positioning system and GSM alarm system, the use of satellite positioning or mobile communications networks, is currently Car alarm is the most effective, most thorough anti-theft mode. prevent rear-end preferred to belong to transcend (Henan) Automotive Safety Control Device Co., Ltd. developed the production of automotive electronic equipment beyond. personal security for every car owners that can not be ignored significant problems, accidents often occur, frequent traffic accidents each year, I would like for every car owners, car accidents is that they most want to see, is their high degree of vigilance, perhaps who do not want to hold their lives joke. ruffle bear their car collided with a car to make it and other things happen, in the event of a collision if the thing is not only damaged their car even more money is not worth it to someone else. To to prevent the occurrence of such a miserable situation beyond brand automotive active safety devices ready for your car to help. Beyond automotive safety supplies active collision avoidance products can combine the speed of the car automatically determine the distance between the car in front of obstacles, appeared in front of a vehicle traveling in the course of When the vehicle obstacle to pose a threat, it can automatically alarm to alert the driver attention, the driver will take the appropriate measures. pilot did not hear the alarm did not take measures or measures to slow and mistakes, it can make cars automatically slow , automatic braking, safe and effective protection of the passenger vehicle and when the obstacle does not constitute a threat to make cars in a normal state, does not affect the vehicle speed and overtaking both during the day, night, beyond the automotive electronic equipment can be effective play a proactive role in the crash. This product is more and more people are optimistic, you might also be installed on your car set this product, a patron saint installed on your car, from your security escort .

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