Automatic Bumpers

Automatic Bumpers

Product description:

Car Safety collision Automatic Collision car crash

Automotive collision avoidance system, is an intelligent device to prevent car collisions Can automatically discover the vehicle may collide with the vehicle happens, pedestrians or other obstacles that an alarm or while taking a brake or circumvent other measures to avoid the collision.

Part of a distance-measuring device using distance radar, ultrasound, laser, infrared and other obstacles and cars measured.

Part two, according to previously stored program computer, it is determined that there is danger of collision, to alert the driver if the driver fails to take timely measures, issue instructions to the brakes, steering, etc., in order to ensure the car's safety.

Part three, alarm and actuator alarms generally use light signals or accompanying sound signal can make the brake actuator in accordance with instructions issued by the computer, or to turn the diverter.

Now practical beyond licensing system is mainly used to prevent rear-end collision accidents during high-speed driving and reversing obstacles to prevent collisions. Usually only alarm when it finds dangerous.

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