Automatic Bumpers

Automatic Bumpers

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Your car bumpers installed yet? Installation Automatic bumpers in car at high speed, such as the obstacles encountered danger to human life, the driver due to fatigue driving, a novice operator error (throttle when the brake) , while rain and fog weather too late to brake, bumper advance automatic alarm, automatic deceleration, automatic braking. The key moment of life insurance car insurance! cutting-edge high-tech products, international patent! now facing the hot investment... wealth hotline 15838267653 Contact: Chen Li QQ: 1373058411

About auto bumpers to install and run
1 ) Q: Installation Auto bumpers will not change the original structure? Original car circuits are affected? Whether affect the original vehicle performance?

A: No, auto bumpers collected from the data to transfer, to process, to the alarm and final braking instruction execution is completely independent of a system, only to borrow the original car's battery when installed as a power supply, so there is no change in the structure of the original car, will not affect the original car circuit, circuit, wiring harness, engine, car control board, etc., will not affect the installation of this product and the original car's performance.

2 ) Q: bumper manual transmission, automatic transmission vehicle can be installed?

A: can be installed.

3 ) Q: When auto bumper car start?

A: The use of car bumpers, usually when the car starts to open, the system first self-test, to detect obstacles in front and when accompanied by a voice warning alerts, and then run automatically when the vehicle does not constitute an obstacle to the danger; run in without too much human intervention, in order to facilitate centralized ideology driving lane; when you think do not need it to work, you can always turn off without stopping to pull over and then turn off.

4 ) Q: auto bumpers installed on a vehicle in the distance obstacle How much distance when braking?

A: The car has automatic crash in opening a high-speed version of the two modes, one is the urban version, these two models are braking mode and warning mode, auto bumper car in front of an obstacle is detected and accompanied by warning reminded how far will the brakes while driving distance barrier, including the use of brakes What kind of efforts are based on the hazard level to decide. The lower the danger level, the closer the braking distance, the more braking force light; the higher the danger level, the farther the braking distance, the greater the braking force of the ultimate braking distance, but also the vehicle speed and road conditions and circumstances related.

5 ) Q: Installation Auto bumper automatic brake after the vehicle will not be reminded car note?

A: The automatic bumpers in the implementation of the brake, the vehicle will automatically brake lights light up (such as the automobile taillights), after to remind car note, car rear-end accident occurred on the rear of the vehicle to avoid normal driving, the two vehicles must. To maintain a relatively safe distance from the car first automatic crash protection product is safe and the interests of the car owners.

6 ) Installed on vehicles After auto bumpers, normally overtake it?

A: When a vehicle overtaking opens the turn signal switch, therefore, the use of automatic bumper when overtaking, simply open the turn signal switch, NA me bumper automatic braking function will temporarily shield, then you normally will overtake. turn signal switch back in situ, automatic bumpers will automatically return to work.

Explanation: The turn signal switch is due to play a pro-active behavior of the driver, the driver can prove this case is clearly in the implementation of active operation of the vehicle and the line or overtaking, then the bumper does not affect the normal operation of the driver and temporarily shielded automatic braking function of the system, to make our products more humanized.

7 ) Q: vehicle encountered on the downhill side encountered, or when the vehicle is turning highway access ramps on both sides of the fence, or a disc mountain roadside mountain, detected after Automatic braking will affect driving it/?

A: No, automatic collision avoidance is autonomous intelligent safety support system, we can identify whether the object in front of the present vehicle with a security threat not a threat would not affect the normal brakes while driving.?

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