Automotive Safety Auto Bumper

Automotive Safety Auto Bumper

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Modern human material and spiritual civilization today's rapid development, fast Meng development and the rapid increase in automobile manufacturing level of the highway, leading to rising car driving speed. Now, all kinds of cars on the highway ran 100-120 per hour km, is a very common thing, but the nature of fatigue and bad weather, and many other factors of the driver's discomfort at any time are likely to cause various unexpected accidents. The traffic accident occurred on the highway once, I am afraid there will be similar to the 'domino' effect. the number of vehicles or even dozens of cars a high-speed collision with each other residues head badly broken surface, fragmented. And then the most terrible but still inside the vehicle occupants, because they To drive his flesh to such a huge steel strike and to struggle. And often it can hope of survival is very slim! Therefore, the fundamental goal of the system is to make full use of advanced high-tech science and technology and means, for the operation of various types of interference intelligent car initiative implementation, control and protection, take a variety of car crashes from the shadow of the horrors of being dragged back to crashes and car accidents as much as possible to diminish the invisible being.

Currently, car ownership was 710 million worldwide, ownership of the car is also more than 68 million. This does not include the production of cars grew 23%, according to market research, 94% of people are willing to install the product abroad, domestic 82% of people are willing to install the product, if 30 percent of people install one million product units per year, takes 16 years to meet domestic market demand, the market shows a large, bright prospects.

Because different people's living standards, in the sense of personal security are also different. According to market research, 94% of foreign people are willing to install the product, 46% of the country people are willing to install the product. According to Ministry of Public Security statistics, by the end of 2005 figures, the current National car ownership in 70 million or more (value at more than 100,000 vehicles accounted for 42% or less of the value of 100,000 cars accounted for 31%, 72% of long-distance buses, long-distance trucks accounted for 80 percent), not including the annual 23% of the rate increase, if the installation of a product per 100 vehicles, the production of 100,000 units per year, NA me need 14--16 years to meet one percent of the domestic market, these figures fully illustrate the present product has a good market Prospects.

Such a huge number of cars and automotive markets, coupled with the extremely brutal car accident and tragic consequences, but it is the lack of capable 'collision avoidance' intelligent car crash safety protection system to preserve human life. Therefore, it is highly desirable There is a new and reliable 'smart car crash safety protection Si EC' to the benefit of mankind, and to the benefit of those who return will be a very significant world automobile market. For nearly dry in driving cars and ten thousand community the fact that the annual output will reach 2 million new vehicles, this product can not be regarded as a small domestic market. However, if the product successfully into the international market, or to become an international supplier, we can not say there is no such possibility The problem is the need to seize the initiative early step in the initiative - that is business, otherwise I do not know up after the morning, suddenly I found someone else has already started pre-empted.

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