Car Safety Car Auto Bumper

Car Safety Car Auto Bumper

Product description:

With the recent gradual increase in traffic accidents, a new type of 'Automatic Bumpers' into the market use. Immediately Spring will come, some of those who are going out to do the return of the plan, they also worry do train or bus, is open for private cars or ride, in fact they are not models to make a choice, but 'safe' is their first choice.

Just steadily into 2014, Beijing-Shenyang high-speed car accident, Sichuan and Shaanxi Expressway, Kunming Luquan County 1`15 comes along with major roads. Tragic scene scenes percussion presence everyone's heart.

Automotive safety into 'active safety' and 'passive safety'. 'Active safety' can reduce the risk of car crash extent, the market's most advanced, after the national authoritative testing, state-certified 'Beyond Car Auto Bumper' It has been put into use.

Automatic Bumper 'is able to detect obstacles and pedestrians ahead, to automatically voice alarm to remind the driver to be careful, in the case if the driver fails to take measures system, the' Automatic Bumpers' can automatically slow down automatically Brake avoid rear-end car collision and present a major accident caused by the State Administration of Work Safety, the provincial leadership of the attention, the state traffic accident deaths more than three people belong to major accidents. Provincial leaders met with city leaders to talk, for their own personal safety , economic security provinces. Please support together 'Beyond Car Auto Bumper'.

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Anti-collision, anti-rear-end, anti-fatigue driving, anti-speeding '- Please install car safety beyond brand automatic anti-collision devices.