Beyond electronic crash instrument

Beyond electronic crash instrument

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# Beyond electronic crash instrument

Its advantages: 1. The product is small, easy to install, easy to operate and suitable for any vehicle, you can install and use in the performance of the original model without changing the structure of the premise 2. When the front of the vehicle and in case of an obstacle. When the car itself constitute a threat, to achieve automatic alarm, automatic deceleration, automatic braking, the collision risk to a minimum, or even avoid car collided with an obstacle, proactive collision. 3. The use of multiple protection and reliability design, extensive use imported car components, anti-jamming capability, high reliability 4. humanization design, does not affect the original car started to accelerate, overtake; high integration, high intelligence portfolio, demonstrating its versatility 5. drivers according to their needs, to customize the system alarm, brake function to meet most driver's driving habits.
1. product assembly in the car, capable of binding to the vehicle speed automatically determine the obstacles in front of the car, when there is an obstacle in front of the vehicle on the vehicle poses a threat, it can automatically alarm to alert the driver attention, the driver will take appropriate measures
2. The driver did not hear the alarm did not take measures or to take safety measures to slow time and mistakes, which enables automotive automatic deceleration, automatic braking, effective protection of vehicles and vehicle personnel.
3. When an obstacle does not constitute a threat to make cars in a normal state, does not affect the vehicle speed and overtaking both during the day, night, automotive safety automatic anti-collision device can effectively play the role of automatic crash.

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