Automotive Collision Products

Automotive Collision Products

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Automotive Automotive Active Active Collision Avoidance Technology

How to avoid and reduce traffic accidents issues worth everyone to pay attention to, and this was also the major manufacturers actively promote the traditional passive safety technology ( Airbags, energy-absorbing body, flame retardant member, etc. ) In crash safety as the core, can only occur after the accident when the accident disaster mitigation, and active safety technology is to take preventive measures to avoid and reduce collisions, save lives and property.

New smart car auxiliary systems, can effectively help drivers improve driving safety.

Speaking of traffic safety, everyone will think of airbags, but the technology can only reduce the damage after the accident, before the accident can not predict injuries. After a lot of scientific evidence, developed a vehicle active crash safety technology, which can effectively prevent car crash, car auto bumper probe body can detect the use of the car and the distance between the vehicle in front and automatically make a car crash reflected, if there is a risk of collision warning device will automatically alert drivers voice and promptly brakes and friends Take measures.

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