View starry night space deep space telescope professional HD high students United States star Trang refraction

View starry night space deep space telescope professional HD high students United States star Trang refraction

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Shopping malls: are
  • Time to market: 2012
  • Brand: CELESTRON
  • Origin: China
  • Price range: 500-1000
  • Telescope optical systems: index
  • Primary mirror diameter: 50-100mm
  • Maximum magnification: 175X
  • Coke rate: 11.67
  • Weight: 3.18KG
  • Telescope bracket types: Jingwei ceremony
  • The length of the primary mirror: 711.2mm
  • Color classification: new authentic United States star Trang official standard supporting meal a: Security carry HD observation version package 2: connection variety phone photo took version package 3: SLR Photo version/message brand package 4:2,600 times times phone took Nebula version package 5: connection computer photo video version package 6: Super full photography function took recorded version package 7: HD continuous closer observation version package 8:2,600 times times super high observation version package 9: professional security observation Sun version package 10: Moon Sun stars observation version package 11: Full sky package 12 free video: the fully equipped HD full version package 13:2,600 times times a mobile phone version of package 14: HD cell phone cloud Edition
  • Item code: 21041


60 primary mirror, Finderscope, C4mm eyepiece C20mm eyepieces, u-AZ Theodolites, 3x Barlow, just as the zenith mirror, Aluminium tripod, clean piece of cloth, Chinese (observing instructions) English instruction manual, warranty card, software CD, color box

Main features

· Quick and easy no tool installation
· Fine tuning control, smooth tracking
· Optical systems--astronomical landscape as dual-use
· Optical lens surface ar coating, making the image more bright and clear
· 3 times times the Barlow lens, can make each eyepiece magnification zoom in 3 times times
· Annex annex to disk for fast access
· 'The sky?' level 1 astronomy software, with 10,000 object database, and lots of photos


· Star Trang powerseeker series telescopes are an open exploration of the universe, who became an excellent way for astronomers. Powerseeker series parable that was specially designed for beginners, quality, performance, price and appearance are good set of combinations.

· Amateur astronomy is a good family hobby, hobby for years, Star powerseeker series telescopes Trang is an ideal choice for all families, it can order children as well as adults interested in providing fun for a long time.

· Powerseeker series telescopes with quick and easy installation-even for the novice. Assemble without any tools!

· They stable sturdy Equatorial Mount can be the perfect way to track objects, and detachable flat-theodolite is used for astronomical observations can also be used for ground observation.

· All Star Trang powerseeker series telescopes including a set of eyepieces, a Barlow lens 3 times, which increases magnification is hundreds of times with the naked eye.

· Powerseeker series telescopes optical lens uses the entire surface coating, makes images brighter and clearer.

· Astronomical optical system landscape service.

· On your laptop or desktop computer using 'the on sky' level 1 software you can quickly locate and identify thousands of bodies.


Optical system: index
Diameter: 60mm
Focal length: 700mm
Coke rate: 11.67
Eyepiece 1:20mm
Magnification 1:35 x
Eyepiece 2:4mm
Magnification 2:175 x
Barlow lens: 3 x
Finderscope: 5 x24
Zenith mirror: 1.25 inch Zenith mirror
Base:-AZ theodolite
Tripod: aluminum
Attachment: no tools are required to support installation of/eyepieces
CD ROM:the sky level 1 astronomy software
Total weight: 3.18kg
Limiting magnitude: 11.4
Resolution (the Rayleigh limit): 2.32 seconds
Resolution (Duchenne limit): 1.93 seconds
Camera resolution: 171/mm
Jiguangli: 73x
Field of view: 1.2 °
Linear perspective (1000 yards): 18.59M
Optical coating: surface coating
Tube length: 711.2mm

How to choose a telescope

Step by step reading

A) to understand the basics of astronomical telescopes

Telescope-refraction, reflection and catadioptric 3 species:

1. refraction type is more convenient to use, view larger, Star bright, chromatic aberration, resulting in lower resolutions. Quality refractor objective lens is two pieces separated double achromatic objective lens or 3 apochromatic lenses. However, achromatic and apochromatic and fail to eliminate chromatic aberration.

2. mirror has the advantage of no chromatic aberration, however, mirror the coma and astigmatism is large, makes the edge of vision as a qualitative difference. Mirrors are commonly used both Newtonian and Cassegrain. The former simple optical system, cheap, spherical mirror on the back end, in front of the eyepiece side; Optical system of the latter master, parable that mirror aspherical, and eyepiece are behind the primary mirror, image quality is good, the price is more expensive.

3. fold mirrors the advantage of both the refractor and reflector: vision, good image quality, lens barrel shorter, easy to carry. Compared with the refractor of focal length and the same caliber, price is less than one-third. Folding mirror Schmidt-Cassegrain and Maksutov-Cassegrain type two kinds, the latter also known as Ma-mirror card. Horses-mirrors are available in both two and three plates. For example: Bosma, BOSMA1800150 and BOSMA2400200 are three piece, due to image quality is better than two pieces, popular astronomer welcomed at home and abroad.