Counter synchronization BOSMA Bosma Hunter 7X50 binoculars / HD high-powered night vision eye

Counter synchronization BOSMA Bosma Hunter 7X50 binoculars / HD high-powered night vision eye

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: Bosma / Bosma
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Brand: Bosma / Bosma
  • Item: 323004
  • Price range: 501-1000 yuan
  • made in China
  • Weight: 800 grams
  • Magnification type: fixed magnification
  • Highest multiples: 5 times (including) -10 times (inclusive)
  • Style: Binoculars
  • Use: Handheld
  • Function: Outsourcing rubber shock
  • Color Classification: Hunter II 10X50 [upgrade high power waterproof version] hunter 7X50 shopkeeper Recommended] hunter 7X50 + [New phone holder] hunter 7X50 + [Tripod + new cell phone holder] hunter 7X50 + [Tripod + metal camera bracket] Hunter Ⅱ7X50 [Upgrade waterproof version]

Owner recommended ALICE evaluation cost is very high in a telescope, also started a forum recommends astronomical telescope, 7 times Large field of vision Good clarity A mirror is very suitable for everyday use, have a mirror, beautiful worry!

Magnification Commentary:

Most people believe that the higher the magnification of the telescope, to see better, but the fact the contrary, in the objective lens diameter being equal, the higher the zoom factor, the worse the image quality, the more blurred to see the scene . If you are using a telescope to watch the scenery, ALICE, travel, performances, competitions, etc., generally used in the 7 to 8 times magnification suitable, because the observation mirror seven times, the image will be brighter, more stable, larger field of view telescope in the past six times, seven times, eight times in the majority, now 7 times the telescope is quite popular (visual range of human reason about 7km) 7 times is very suitable for use in line with the requirements of people use to watch! Watch comfortable and not faint.

HD + wide field imaging AR Green + membrane

★ grow pupil, large field of view, excellent spectator viewing equipment.
★ high-brightness, high-definition, is observing the night sky product demand

★ telescope fashion design

Quality: the main shop recommended, value for money, in various forums ALICE favor favorable models, cost-effective!
High-quality services: purchase Bosma brand telescope, any damage in transit, you can face rejection, if you do not give acceptance to be the first sign down, check whether the goods in good condition, any questions can contact us within 24 hours, we will replace your new product is issued, until let you receive the satisfaction of the goods.

You can relax with a camera tripod use of hands (tripod sold separately)

Hunter 7X50



Diameter (mm)

Prism system

Prism Material

Focusing System

Field of view ft / 1000yds



50 mm



Middle notes


Close focus distance (m)

Exit Pupil Diameter

Pupil distance

Eye Cup Type

Water fog

Tripod Mount


5.0 m

7.1 mm

26.0 mm




Green FMC-

Net weight: 880 g Accessories, Oxford bag with shoulder strap, lens cleaning cloth, use and maintenance manual, certificate warranty card, color box 1, a tripod turning brackets

The following is a hunter Ⅱ series 7X50