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SADES / A6 Gaming Headset Headset Computer Headsets 7.1 Channel CF / LOL

SADES / A6 Gaming Headset Headset Computer Headsets 7.1 Channel CF / LOL
Product code: 2250200030
Unit price 19.06-25.47$
Sold quantity 7756
Available stock 440

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: SADES / SIDES A6
  • Package type: official standard
  • Color classification: black orange black yellow white white blue vibration version
  • Wearing: wearing ear protection
  • Headset Type: Wired
  • Whether the microphone: with wheat
  • Plug diameter:
  • Headphone plug type: USB
  • Headphone output audio source: PC computer
  • Cable length: 2.2M
  • Headphones Category: General headphones HIFI headphones monitor headphones sports headphones gaming audio headphones
  • Brand: SADES / Sides
  • Model: A6

You need a headset like this:

1. Headphones Weighing only 0.242kg , Less than conventional headphones 1/2, Lighten the head from now on;

2.Breathable earmuffs , Breathing leather , With the fine Ventilation holes , This summer will not be hot;

3.Blue light breathing lamp , Fashion modeling, cool Frost blue breathing light , Eye-catching;

4.7.1 channel, comes with a separate sound card , Restore and resolution Sound quality, game music correct;

5.Hose microphone , Can be Any angle folding , As you think, the team communication tool;

6.Split suspension head beam, Light and adjustable, to adapt to a variety of head type, Wear comfortable , Compact and beautiful;

7. magic crystal vibration version, bass vibration, ear shell with electroplating metal effect, (Select black and yellow options) !

8 (new white vibration version) The original 7.1 channel based on the increase of the German vibration unit Options are white and black with no vibration