High - power high - definition night vision waterproof pockets of non - infrared

High - power high - definition night vision waterproof pockets of non - infrared

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Brand: BIJIA
  • Item: Sailor M10x42C
  • The price range: 501-1000 yuan
  • made in China
  • Weight: 400g
  • Magnification Type: Fixed magnification
  • The highest multiple: 5 times (inclusive) -10 times (including)
  • Style: single tube
  • Use: Handheld
  • Function: nitrogen waterproof
  • Color Classification: Sailor M10x42C with compass ranging sailor M8x42C with compass ranging

BIJIA The official launch of a full-featured monocular telescope

Sailor M8X42C / M10x42C

Sailor Spirit: When the sailors sail voyage, always hope that the process is sunny, smooth sailing, but the sea can not always calm .In the days from time to time, when the negative, only people and nature struggle, can create admirable They are not afraid of a voyage, they do not change, and they will not do anything, even though the waves are so vicious that they will not be at a loss what to do with the wind and the waves. The environment created a sailor, but also created a sailor spirit.

If you are still in the choice of a multi-function telescope and trouble, to be light to be beautiful to be convenient to night vision to be cost-effective and more important is to be ultra-clear with Blu-ray movies to see the same ultra-clear but also waterproof and dustproof shockproof (The compass), yes, this is ready, the focus is the price is close to the people, the official 3-year offer, out of the water, the floor of the 5th floor out of the cement are intact, a military function of the range measurement function location 1 fast lost 10 fast! Out of 10 lost 100;

Official Price:

Sailor M8X42C: Now just: 268yuan

Sailor M10x42C: Now just: 298yuan

The above prices are the price!

After this event, it can only say:

The effect of using the range with the range of test results, as follows: