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Rope making machine

Rope making machine
  • Rope making machine
Product code: 22494200001
Unit price: 60000 CNY  (8720.68 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Custom processing: Brand: longwei Power: 18.5 (Kw)
Model: m33-m88 Material: steel Capacity: 18.5 (Kw)

Rope making machine: rope diameter 4--40mm

M66combined strander and rope-layer

For production of finished coiled rope from natural and synthetic fibre yarns Produces coils from 390 m to 2330 m Three-strand and four-strand models From start to finish in one continuous operation Extremely high output

Key features Optional equipment

`Hydraulic take-up system` Crane with lifting fork and electric shackle

`Increased take-up capacity` Winding on steel flange reels

`Two rope lays per revolution` Winding on customer's own reels

Constant winding tension `Customized coiling heads

`Lightweight rotating parts` Ring-twister packages for use as pay-off packages

`Inverter drive` Beam-feeding system.

`Strand-break detection system

`Low noise level` Yarn-break detection system

`Low power consumption` Equipment for production of wire fencing

`Simple, robust design` Shearing device

`Easy to change strand twist` Adaption of machine to accommodate other package

`Highly reliable dimensions and numbers of packages

`Easy to maintain

Longwei M66

Φ8-20mm ropemaking

Technical data

Rope range:

∮8-20 mm

Rope flyer speed:

0-max. 450 rpm, depending on pre-twist factor

Rope lay:

S and Z

Twists per minute:

2 x rope flyer speed

Lay length:

21-106 mm / 47-9.4 twists per metre

Pre-twist factor:

0.6-2.1 x rope twist

Take-up, coiling head:

∮670 mm, adjustable traverse max. 400 mm, barrel ∮210 mm

. Take-up, max weight:

Polypropylene 70 kg

Pay-off packages:



3 x 18, max. ∮250 x 300 mm traverse

4 x 18, max. ∮250 x 300 mm traverse

Take-up capacity

Production capacity


Coiling head


Flyer speed




450 rpm




450 rpm




400 rpm




325 rpm

Examples based on three-strand polypropylene rope Pre-twist factor:. 0.8 Lay length:. Medium Efficiency rate:.. 100% 8 hours'production.

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