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Opened 2 seconds Quickly open the outdoor automatic camping camping double double layer 3-4 people family suit

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: ticking open friends 2 seconds soon open tent automatic account ...
  • Item No .: L1898-8
  • Tent size: 3 - 4 people
  • Tent structure: double account
  • Construction situation: free to build speed to open
  • Expand the size (length * width * height cm): 260 * 160 * 115
  • Adapt to the season: four seasons
  • Time to market: 2009
  • Tent space structure: one bedroom
  • Tent weight: 3.6kg
  • made in China
  • Inside account material: breathable polyester cloth
  • Bottom material: waterproof Oxford cloth
  • External account Material: PU waterproof polyester cloth
  • External account Waterproof index: 1500mm (inclusive) -2000mm (not included)
  • Waterproof index at the end of the account: 1500mm (inclusive) -2000mm (not included)
  • The price range: 1001-1500 yuan
  • Bracket material: FRP
  • Brand: Didaopen tick open friends
  • Color classification: Luxury blue luxury models Champagne luxury section Natural green forest Passphrase Green forest secret language Blue 'buy one get six outdoor small equipment 6 sets!' As early as not bad! Light purple Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4 Package 5 Package 6 Package 7 Package 8 Package Tent If you want to change to other colors, there will be price differences Please use the free tool kit Tent color defaults to natural green