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Clearance ACOME A Kemu Outdoor Double Duo Double Door Windproof and Rainproof Outdoor Camping Equipment Camping Tent

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Product parameters:

  • Item: AA141T0014
  • Tent size: 2 people
  • Tent structure: double account
  • Construction: need to build
  • Expanded size (L * W * H) cm: (50 + 140 + 60) * 210 / H105cm
  • Adapt to the season: three quarterly account
  • Time to market: other
  • Tent space structure: other
  • Tent weight: 2.0kg
  • made in China
  • The bottom material: polyester fiber
  • Outer account material: polyester fiber
  • External account Waterproof index: 1500mm (inclusive) -2000mm (not included)
  • Waterproof index at the end of the account: 2000mm (inclusive) -3000mm (inclusive)
  • The price range: 501-1000 yuan
  • Diameter of stent strut: 7.9mm
  • Bracket material: aluminum alloy
  • Brand: Acome / Acome
  • Color Classification: 14 section of the sea blue / double 14 green double 14 paragraph brick red 13 light blue sapphire double 13 green double 13 brick red double 13 brick red 3 13 green 3


Due to shooting problems, the color of some deviation, sea blue to video-based color!

Brick red color difference is relatively large, the actual products and wine red is not much production, shooting too light!

Green color will be deep!

The actual product color than shooting a lot better! So, please rest assured to buy

A Kom product quality is very good!

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A Kemu's quality is great! At present, many big tents are looking for Akem OEM production!