Farm Orchard fence, road site fence, plant community of barbed wire

Farm Orchard fence, road site fence, plant community of barbed wire

Product description:

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Mesh factory best of fence, fence, fence NET, railway fence manufacturer. Fencing has been widely used in the community, airport, roads, railways, airports, plant protection, animal in captivity.

Metal fence Fence according to production characteristics can be divided into two kinds. A welded wire mesh fence and other chain link fence rails. Both fence in protection has a wide range of applications. Welded wire mesh-rails are welded wire mesh wire, cold-or hot-dip galvanized iron wire galvanized iron wire welding, bending, plastic or PVC, the multichannel working procedure processing spray produced by. Corrosion resistance, beautiful, and effective protection and so on. Chain link fence fence is chain link fence machine for various materials of metal containing PVC wire, cold and hot galvanized wire. Knitting together. Shock ability, and appearance, corrosion resistance, good defensive characteristics.

Wire mesh, wire mesh fence, fence and ditch cover plate, stainless steel wire mesh, wire mesh, welded wire mesh, check network undertones and mesh, steel net. Filters. Mesh, safety nets, all specifications can be customized according to requirements !

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