Car Passive Keyless Entry System, Smart Key, New Car Alarm, New Rfid Alarm, Pke, Full Automated, Immobilizer, Auto Alarm, HT-001B

Car Passive Keyless Entry System, Smart Key, New Car Alarm, New Rfid Alarm, Pke, Full Automated, Immobilizer, Auto Alarm, HT-001B

Product description:

Drivers who have this system don't need to press any button when they lock and unlock their cars. The system can finish most of the work automatically. Drivers only have to do is put the smart key in their pocket or purse and take with it.

This is the latest model of our PKE products. It is designed based on our over 10 years PKE designing and manufacturing experience.

Automatic Functions:

1. Automatic Locking / Unlocking

2. Automatic Arming/ Disarming

3. Reminding there is an unclosed door

4. Outputting signal to close windows (optional)

) ) Taking with the Smart Key and approach the car, the system will verify it, disarm, and then unlock the car door (You don't need to press any button) .

) ) Turn off the car power, get off and close the door, the system will arm and lock the car doors when you leave away the car 2 meters.

) ) If one of the car doors was not closed well when you leave, the system will remind you through the siren and turn signal lamp.

) ) When you leave, the system also can output a continuous signal, which can be used to control the windows closing. (Some cars don't support this function directly; you should add a Window Closer to work with the PKE system) .

Manual Functions- using the smart key as aremote

1. Remote unlocking / locking

2. Remote trunk opening (need motor-driventrunk)

3. Car finding: press the Lock button to make the car light flash and the horn sound.

Alarming & Immobilizer Function

When the system is arming, if the car was shocked (the shock sensor was triggered) , or one door was opened or the car was started without permitting, the system will alarm through the horn and turn light.

When there is an alarm, the system will cut off power supply of the car to prevent it from stealing.

Locking on first braking (selectable)

After the engine is started, the system will lock all the car doors for you when you step on the brake. The system will unlock the doors automatically when you stopped and turn the car power off.

Three useful modes

1.AutoPower-saving: if you leave your car alone for more than 24 hours, the system will suspend PKE (still keep arming) to save electricity of car battery.

2.Suspending/ Activating PKE manually: you can press buttons on the smart key to make PKE deactivate or activate.

3.Mute unlocking & arming: you can let the siren not sound when unlocking and shock alarming by press the buttons on the smart key.


Main Unit Working Voltage: DC 9.0V-18.0V
Main Unit Standby Current: (=30mA@12V

LF Detecting Distance: 2m

Smart Key Working Voltage: DC 2.0V~DC 4.0V

Smart Key Standby Current: (=4uA@3V

Working Temperature: -40-+85 Centigrade

Remote Control Distance: 30m